After we got Zipper, taking care of both Octavia and Priscilla was pretty rough going. We did manage to keep Priscilla pretty comfortable for four more months. After she died, it was time to get Zipper a new playmate before he got too old and stuffy.

At the shelter, they got names confused, and we thought the cat we were getting was named Becca, but she turned out to be called Zsa Zsa. This was by no means appropriate for a cat who spent her time showing off how much harder she could play than Zipper, no matter how much teensier she was, so we named her for my big sister's favorite Warrior Princess.


Xena's first roll of pictures turned out to be all double-exposed, so we have only one clear picture and a couple of fuzzy ones so far:
We caught Xena on TV with her old name:
29 January 2000

23 April 2000: Got the next roll back, including the elusive action shot. Zipper and Xena chase each other so suddenly and so fast from one end of the house to the other, it's almost useless to try and catch them!
Xena in high places
She surreptitiously crept up to snuggle with Zipper one night-- --but soon enough they were back to tearing up and down the length of the house!

10 August 2000

Bell the cat

Xena has been spotted following her idol, my sister's cat Spaz, out of the yard, so she and Zipper now have tags to identify them. Here's Xena with her fashionable red reflector. The breakaway collars came with little bells on them, which Carla thought would be nice, but Zipper was scared of his own bell and Xena thought hers was a fun toy, so I insisted on removing them!

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