OK, stop the stupid AOL jokes for a second. They're not a whole lot more interesting than the multiple posts and "me too's" you're making fun of. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin.

Now that I've found a local service provider that's a whole lot cheaper, there's not much AOL has to offer for me. A couple newspapers that occasionally carry articles about Georgia (more than you can say for the New York Times!), a small core of friendly people that hang out in the free area, and that's about it. But my wife and her brother are still hooked on its point-and-shoot GUI, and I don't have the software (yet?) to make using our local service as easy for them.

Now I find out that AOL provides 2 MB of FTP/HTTP-able space for each account. That's something I don't have on my local service right now. Since I don't have the software for all the cool graphics stuff, and since my BBS account provides access to newsgroups, WWW, IRC, and more, I'm happy just being a lowly BBS user.

So, since I'm subsidizing their AOL use anyway, I figured I might as well take advantage of that free space! At first it was just a few files you could request by anonymous FTP. You can still do that--FTP to members.aol.com and poke around in the notr directory. Now that I've learned enough HTML to get myself in trouble, though, almost all of them are linked to my home page.

Of course, this can make trying out updates a complicated process. I do my editing locally, log onto AOL to upload everything, then log onto my BBS to view it. But, as long as I edit carefully and know what I'm doing, it's not too cumbersome. When I want to try out something new, I can skip the AOL step and just upload my test files to my BBS and view them locally.

OK, you can go back to your puerile little jokes now. I'll just go back to reading the Neo-Tech home page, if I can ever find it again . . .