This is a home for (what once were) new pages, and now a graveyard for the old pages.

  • My CDplayer.ini
    Tired of your CDplayer.ini being too big for Notepad? Try this neat little DOS-based text editor, Sam Wilmott's Simple Little Editor. It can help you squish a little more into that 64KB limit, too. Turn off CRs before saving your file, to use 1 byte less per line.
  • Images of "Bob"--and worse
  • See what Floyd (September 1999) did to my friend David's car :-(
  • A little virtual vandalism
  • My first JavaScript exercise, sadly for Netscape 4+ only.
  • 12 years later, we're finally making recordings of the songs we played as Limp Richard. Here's a preview from our practice recording session: These Bourgeois Blues (July 2000)
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