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Traditions of Biblical Cantillation, Vol 1 is an audio cassette of selections from the Bible (Tanakh, in Hebrew), chanted, in Hebrew, by Helen Chuckrow. It contains the following:

Genesis 21:1-21         Esther 3
Ecclesiastes 3         Songs of Songs 5
2 Kings 4:1-23         Ruth 4
Genesis 43:1-15         Isaiah 1:1-27
Exodus 15:1-19

The cassette is $12, which includes tax and postage. To obtain the cassette, send a check or money order, payable to Mafseek Publications, to:

Mafseek Publications
PO Box 178
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

Special Note: If both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are ordered the total price is $36.

The Bible has been chanted by the Jewish people for thousands of years. Since the dispersion of the Jews throughout the world, different traditions of biblical cantillation have emerged, influenced by music of the surrounding cultures. The tradition of the Eastern European Jews (the Ashkenazi tradition) is the one used here, except for the reading from 2 Kings, which is done to the Spanish Sephardic tradition.

Production engineer: Scott Cohen

Special thanks to Rabbi Steven Kane and Cantor Jeffrey Shiovitz, Rahel Musleah, Ruth Seldin, Dvora Yanow, Moshe Denburg, and friends and family for encouragement, and to Raphaela, who envisioned it.

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