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Desert, Israel       Photo by Jill Greenstein

Traditions of Biblical Cantillation, Vol 2 is a CD of selections from the Bible (Tanakh in Hebrew) chanted, in Hebrew, by Helen Chuckrow. It contains the following:

Ashkenazi: Children Learning Torah, Numbers 22:6-8     Gibraltar: Song of Songs 4
Yemenite: Esther 2     Moroccan: Ecclesiastes 12
Syrian: Exodus 13:1-16     Italian: Isaiah 40:1-26
Iraq (Bavli): Exodus 14:9-14     Indian: Isaiah 40:1-26
Spanish/Portuguese: Lamentations 2     Egyptian: Ruth 2
Sephardic Turkish: Song of Songs 3

The CD is $25, which includes tax and postage. To obtain the CD, send a check or money order, payable to Mafseek Publications, to:

Mafseek Publications
PO Box 178
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

Special Note: If both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are ordered the total price is $36.

The Jewish custom of using chanting to read from the Bible has endured throughout the Jewish communities of the world. The melodies used, however, have taken on the flavor of the adopted country or city. Eleven traditions of cantillation are presented here, ranging from Italian to Egyptian, from Spanish/Portuguese to Yemenite, and including the chant used to teach and learn the Bible brought to Israel by the Jews of Eastern Europe.

Production engineer: Scott Cohen

I would like to acknowledge the help and information provided by Nathanael Dror (Putnam), Rabbi Velvel Butman, Cantor Rabbi Ira Rohde, Cantor Max Esudri, Rabbi Moshe Dwek, The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center, "Renanot" The Institute for Jewish Music, and Rahel Musleah.

I am especially grateful to Dr. Isaac Jerusalmi and Mr. Isaac Gabbai for most generously sharing their knowledge with me.

Many thanks are also due to Rabbi Steven Kane and Cantor Jeffrey Shiovitz of Congregation Sons of Israel, in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., for their continuing support for this project. And as always, to Raphaela, who first gave me the idea for this project and was always encouraging.

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