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The editor's brain has ceased to function, a result of htmling this issue. Check back here in a few days -- when his brain comes back online, you will find a witty and insightful editorial in this space.

In this issue: Magick

The Anima Shrine, by Antero Alli

Introduction to CyberMagick, by Philip H. Farber

The Ancient Gods and Neo-Paganism, by Aaron Leitch

Straight as the Crow-ley Flies, by Carol Malby


Ogre, Paradigm Shift Interview

Dead Voices On Air, Paradigm Shift Interview

Doug Pinnick, Paradigm Shift Interview

Eamon's Blues, by John Burdick


Stephen Gaskin, Paradigm Shift Interview

Chronic Religion, by Guy Mount

Team Atlantis, by Michael Arbuthnot

The Artists Soap Box Derby

Reviews - ZBS Foundation, by Darryl Riser

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