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Books by Antero Alli

The Akashic Record Player : A Non-Stop Geomantic Conspiracy by Antero Alli

All Rites Reversed by Antero Alli

Angel Tech : A Modern Shamans Guide to Reality Selection by Antero Alli

Books by Stephen Gaskin

Cannabis Spirituality : Including 13 Guidelines for Sanity and Safety by Stephen Gaskin (paperback)

This Seasons People-A Book of Spiritual Teachings by Stephen Gaskin, et. al.

Cannabis Spirituality : The 13 Guidelines for Sanity & Safety by Stephen Gaskin (hardcover)

Haight Ashbury Flashbacks by Stephen Gaskin

Natural Childbirth/Cassette by Stephen Gaskin

Music by Ogre

Addiction [CD-SINGLE] by Skinny Puppy

A Glance: Ain't It Dead Yet? by Skinny Puppy

B ack And Forth: Series Two by Skinny Puppy

Bites And Remission by Skinny Puppy


B rap (Back...Vols. 3 & 4) [ECD] by Skinny Puppy

VIVIsectVI by Skinny Puppy

Bedside Toxicology by Rx (Ritalin/Ogre and Atkins)

Geek Love by Katherine Dunn (book mentioned by Ogre)

Music by Mark Spybey

Piss Frond [BOX SET] by DVOA

Fire in the Bronx Zoo by DVOA vs. Not Breathing

How Hollow Heart... by DVOA

New Words Machine by DVOA

Shap by DVOA

Music by Doug Pinnick

Tape Head by King's X

Best Of King's X

Ear Candy by King's X

Gretchen Goes To Nebraska by King's X

Out Of The Silent Planet by King's X

Massive Grooves by Poundhound

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