Greetings From Team Atlantis

by Michael Arbuthnot

Underwater photographs by Michael Arbuthnot

Our underwater archaeological research team has just returned from the southernmost islands of Japan's Ryukyu archipelago. We've been filming a documentary revealing recently discovered, potentially man-made monuments deep below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Amid colorful corals and hammerhead sharks, our team has captured on film clues to humankind's ancient past.

The underwater structures are located at a depth of approximately 100 feet below the surface, with the main site nearby the tiny island of Yonaguni.


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The most current geological theories suggest that Earth's ocean levels rose as much as 300 feet at the end of the last ice age. Thus, the structures, if man-made, would have last been above the surface approximately 12,000 years ago. These may be the oldest man-made structures ever discovered, predating the Great Pyramid by all but the most unconventional estimates. The monuments are simply incredible to behold and their existence raises serious questions about currently held notions of human history.

You can learn all about the expedition at:

Team Atlantis Online

Our team includes, but is not limited to:

Boris Said, producer of Yonaguni Expedition '98 (Boris produced the Emmy Award winning "Mystery of the Sphinx")

Michael Arbuthnot, amateur underwater archaeologist and project director for Team Atlantis.

Dr. Masaaki Kimura, Marine Geologist with the University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa.

Kihachiro Aratake, the scuba divemaster who discovered the underwater monuments.

Vince Pace, President of Pace Technologies. Pace Technologies most recently supplied underwater camera and lighting for the blockbuster film, "Titanic" as well as "Sphere" and "The Abyss", which won an Oscar for Special Effects. There exists no better team in the world for underwater lighting and camera work.

Dr. Robert Schoch, Boston University geologist (appeared in "Mystery of the Sphinx").

Dr. John T. Dorwin, Ball State University underwater archaeologist

Dr. James J. Hurtak, president of the Academy for Future Sciences

Team member images and team details

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We've used the latest technologies to maximize our research capability and camera shots.

Our website features underwater photography, audio updates, a growing 3D interactive model of the site, and on-demand RealVideo feeds of our underwater survey dives, filmed by Project Leader Michael Arbuthnot on hi-8:

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