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Sites of Interest and Abhorence suggested by Almighty Linkeditor Donna

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Magick and Alternate Paradigms

Tools of Chaos

The Equinox - Full reprint of the original ten volumes

Nuit Unlimited Imports - Incense, Oils and more

Maledicta Books and Supplies - LHP, Crowley Books and other fun Satan-o-Cheese

Temple of Set public site - Left Hand Path Organization


Caliphite O.T.O. Grand Lodge

Illuminates of Thanateros Americas



Church of Tantra

Mandrake's Home Page

New Falcon Publications

Austin Osman Spare Archive

Timothy Leary's Home Page

FringeWare Inc.

Church of the SubGenius - X-Day is upon us!

Donna Kossy's Kooks Museum

BlackOps: Conspiracy Database

Universal Life Church - Become an ordained minister for free!

Hyperreal - Music, Drugs and more

Robert Anton Wilson

NeuroLinguistic Programming

General-Semantics Gateway

The Gallery of the Absurd

How to Talk New Age

Chaos Matrix

The Mead Makers Page

Literary Weirdness

William Burroughs - this is one of the better William Burroughs has a really cool cut up machine that you can play with!!!...all that and letter concordance in Naked Lunch...WHOO HOO

J.G. Ballard - This J.G. Ballard site has links to Ballard e-zines........books and short stories of links....everything you could ever want!!!

Cartoons/Web Silliness

Nightmare Before Christmas ...this site is the official site for the Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.....It has lots of pictures and sound files, and links to other NBC sites........

Sound Files .........This site has scads of really cool wavs you can download, from all sorts of cartoons.....There is a paragraph at the top of the page where he tries to convert you to jesus. The wavs are at the bottom of the page, and well worth it!

Cartoon Icons ...........this site has all sorts of cartoon icons that you can download.....he has just about every cartoon you can think of.....

Hello Kitty ......well......its a site devoted to Miss Hello Kitty and all of her cronies............which leads us to...

Miss Skumqueen's Hello Kitty Ninja Warriors site is one of my has some stuff pertaining to The Process list, LOTS of fun links....and some very interesting stories....

Everything Xena Homepage

The Watertower: Animaniacs

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