The Triangle of Manifestation

The Triangle of Manifestation

by Laurence Galian

Image by James Curcio

"Things lie hidden in their opposites . . . "
- Al-'Alawi

"The Eternal Triangle"
- (Phrase come into English late in the XVIII Century, apparently suggested by the Italian 'Triangolo Equilatero')

"The 'synthesis' is exactly the same as the anti-thesis; the only difference lies in a certain change of perspective, in a certain turn through which what was a moment ago experienced as an obstacle, as an impediment, proves itself to be a positive condition."
- Slavoj Zizek

"Magic is none other than the dropping of this illusion (of the ego-based dualistic reality), and of this habit energy, for to drop it implies freeing that energy - which normally is used to maintain our habitual world."
- Versluis

"Everything is formed from the contemplation of unity."
- Hermes Trismegistus

Most of us as children performed an experiment in grade school science class. We obtained a wooden board and attached a battery to the board as well as a small light bulb. Then we ran two wires to the light bulb: one from the positive end of the battery and the other from the negative end. When the two wires were touched to the light bulb, the light bulb lit up.

The light bulb did not light up if we only attached the positive end of the battery. Nor did it light up if we attached only the negative end of the battery. It was only when both poles of the battery were connected that power could flow. That power is electricity, and from that electrical power, light was manifested.

The Ultimate Reality manifests as Yin and Yang (the negative and positive poles of the battery). Both Yin and Yang are sacred expression of this Ultimate Reality. When the Yin and Yang are equilibrated and integrated (that is when both wires are hooked up) they manifest the Ultimate Reality (the light). The Mage focuses on the Light rather than becoming obsessed with the negative and positive poles. Many aspiring Mages come to teachers asking for a flashlight in the middle of the day.

When a sculptor and a block of wood come together, often a force is released. This force is called inspiration. That force can in turn, cause a new thing to be born - a sculpture! From the union of two things, a third thing is created, a tertium quid. A man and woman come together and sometimes the force of love is released. This force in turn can cause the creation of a baby. The baby is the materialization of the force of attraction between the man and woman. When you bring any polar opposites together in your subconscious, a force is released that can in turn manifest your desire in the outside world.

You begin to work The Triangle of Manifestation by asking yourself three questions:

1. What do I want?

2. What is the opposite of what I want?

3. When does what I want appear to be its opposite?

Ask yourself the first question. Let's say for example that your answer is: I want to be physically stronger. Then ask yourself the second question. Now each person must answer these questions in his or her own way, but for the purposes of illustration of this technique, let us say that your answer is: The opposite of strength is weakness. Finally, you must ask yourself a riddle. Many mysteries are concealed in riddles. You ask yourself When does strength (the answer to the first question) appear be weakness (the answer to the second question).

Lao-tzu said: "What is more malleable is always superior over that which is immovable." There are times when weakness becomes strength. Take, for example, the gentle reed that bends with the wind. The reed does not resist. By not resisting, it does not test the strength of the wind. The reed does not set up a situation of dualistic opposition. Thus, the wind cannot damage the reed. This image of the gentle reed, may be your answer to the third question. You may say that the behavior of the gentle reed is one example of the contradiction inherent in the idea of strength. The founders of the old Jujitsu sects instructed: "Softness is the mind of a willow, which turns the force of the wind against itself. Suppleness is the way to be strong; learn, thus, its exquisite utility." Applying the Triangle of Manifestation technique to the matter of strength enables you to manifest potency, effectiveness and force in your life without fear of weakness.

By bringing forth into consciousness the two points at the base of the Triangle, we create inside the Mage a dynamic tension. The Mage is aware of the desire and the contradiction inherent in that desire. Something has to occur to return this state of tension to a state of equilibrium. Tension seeks resolution.

The conscious mind cannot reconcile these two situations. The conscious mind works in terms of duality: either/or, this one/that one, female/male, life/death and good/bad. Dichotomized thinking predominates in the conscious mind. Our goal is to progress beyond duality, to achieve synthesis (or synergy as I prefer to call it, as the coming together of thesis and antithesis results in the release of energy).

When the Mage becomes conscious of the two polar opposites, the next step is to induce them to sink into the subconscious. A veil of mystery now modestly descends to cover these two lovers. The two points at the base of the Triangle of Manifestation begin to wrestle with one another. They are like the tumblers in a lock, which seeks to open the door to the Streams of Life.

The Triangle of Manifestation works for three reasons:

1. The energizing of the desire engages the Collective Unconscious. When the Collective Unconscious is engaged this permits the Waters of Life to flow into daily living.

2. The annihilation of opposites results in a cessation of thought. When thought stops, the individual accesses the Divine Matrix. Naught save the Reality

remains . . . (Arabi, Ibn al-. The Bezels of Wisdom Mahwah, New Jersey, Paulist Press, 1980.)

3. By balancing your desire at both ends of the spectrum, you create a seed-concept that is implanted in the soil of the mind. The balanced seed that is created begins to gestate in the depths of the personality. This seed, when it grows to adulthood, will bear healthy and hearty fruit precisely because it grows out of the soil of equilibrium.

These steps are interconnected and support one another synergistically. Step # 2 stops thought, allowing Step #1 to manifest. That is, there is no mind to restrict the manifestation of the True Will.

How do I define the term: Collective Unconscious? Answer: a collection of primeval images that have been passed down through our ancestors. These images include the experience of not only our human ancestors, but also of our pre-human ancestors, animal ancestors, and interstellar ancestors.

For my purposes, I equate the subconscious with the realm of Dreaming Sleep, and the Unconscious with the realm of Dreamless Sleep. I do not speak the language of scholastic philosophy or psychology. I speak directly as possible. I use these terms not as a psychologist might, but as a metaphysician, one who explores the essential nature of reality.

The subconscious is the nexus to the fount of creation. It is a popular conception that if you can contact the subconscious, then you can affect the material world. However, an important clarification needs to be made. It is not enough to only go as far as the subconscious. When you access the subconscious, all you are accessing is a great deal of yearning, desire, amorphous emotions, and disturbing spirits, what has been called the Lower Astral Realm.

The subconscious is like the state of Dreaming Sleep. For spiritual training to be effective, the Mage must access the state of Dreamless Sleep. In the state of Dreamless Sleep, or the Void, the Mage becomes again a part of the interconnected Web of Life. All of humanity is interconnected. This interconnection is known as the Collective Unconscious. Spiritual Experience can be triggered when a connection is made with the Collective Unconsciousness of Humanity. Not just any emotion will produce a spiritual effect. It is precisely that emotion which is linked to the Deep Unconscious Collective Current of Humanity, Jung's Self , that opens gateways to the Spirit World.

Jump into the waters of life. Feel the strong currents that course through the waters as they move up against you, thrill, and stimulate you. Exhilarate in the Streaming Moment!

If you have a conscious wish and you want to stimulate the subconscious into action, you must also arouse a similar unconscious wish that strengthens it. If your wish is not somehow connected to the flowing Stream of Archetypal Images resident in the Unconscious, then your aspiration will fizzle out. Attune your being to the frequency of the Human Archetypal Wave. Resonate with the deep resounding tones of the Anima and Animus, letting your outer-being sing forth their song.

Sometimes through the excitation of the subconscious, the Unconscious or Dreamless State may be contacted. Therefore, you need to be aware that when books and Guides tell you to involve the subconscious, it is imperative that you regard that step as only an intermediary step to the larger involvement of the Collective Unconscious.

The Non-Conscious, or the condition of Dreamless Sleep, is also the Biological state. The ancient Greeks called it "The Dregs of the Water . The peak of spiritual experience is at the same time the most fundamental fact of our existence - our physical body. There is a profound mystery at work here. At times of flight or fight, our biology takes over, and the conscious mind is completely blocked. In Dreamless Sleep, our body is on autopilot. The body takes over from the mind. Ancient neural pathways, pathways that exist in all mammals, are the hallways of the Great Cathedral of Spirit.

Yet, in a truly paradoxical fashion, the state of non-conscious, dreamless sleep can be experienced during the day. This state is a state of pure awareness, as when one stares at a beautiful sunset, has a religious experience, or an orgasm.

The True Will is a Unique Expression of the Collective Unconscious. Every zinnia flower is unique and individual, yet all zinnias express zinnia-hood. In addition, each human uniquely expresses the Human Archetype in an individual Way.

This encounter with "The Dregs of the Water" is not a conscious process, you are not consciously aware of it happening. However, you may become aware that you are feeling depressed, anxious, elated, excited, or hyperactive. All these are often signs that something is occurring deep within your being.

The result wells up out of the crucible of the subconscious. In everyday life, the result manifests as a flash of understanding. Differences, inconsistencies and incongruities are reconciled. When used as a metaphysical technique the reconciliation of opposites result in the manifestation of the Mage's objective. Creation is the Third Point of the Triangle.

All contradictions are reconciled in the Point of Infinite Possibility. The archetype of that which you desire is evoked out of the Spirit World and incorporated into the structure of your being. The desire is made organic. It is now grounded in reality. These two opposites annihilate one another and the energy released from their collision causes the divine matrix to convulse and give birth to what you want.

When you bring together your desire and its inherent contradiction you collapse the condition of duality into the Void, and you thereby create a channel from the unrelenting vortex or vulva of the ever-creating womb of the universe to yourself. Through bringing together in your mind your desire and its inherent contradiction, you achieve identification and unity with the Source of Abundance. You become Abundance!

Some may wonder why the desire manifests and not its inherent antithesis. Well, to a certain degree your wish will be modified. It will be modified in the sense that it will become a viable reality in your life. This may frighten some people who would rather prefer to live a life of fantasy, rather than reality. In short, the desire of your heart will take form within the context of your life.

Finding the contradiction inherent in the desire, as opposed to finding the inherent contradiction within what we do not desire, keeps the focus of the operation on the desired objective. "When does love appear to be hate?" is the question we ask of ourselves, not: "When does hate appear to be love?"

An example of the incorrect use of the technique would be to employ the example of a con artist as the second point of the Triangle. To do that would be to emphasize the opposite of what we want. A con artist appears to have our best interest at heart, yet is only out to take advantage of us.

Notice that the inherent contradiction is still a form of the desire. The inherent contradiction partakes of the nature of the subject from which it springs. Observe that while we have acknowledged the dark side, we have not left the domain of the desire. We have paid our respects to the shadow side of reality, while keeping our focus on the result we want to achieve! Realize that equilibrium takes place over a continuum.

The Triangle of Manifestation method accounts for both elements of the objective's component dualities. The magickal objective thereby acquires stability and practicality in the material world.

LAURENCE GALIAN, visionary, pianist, writer, lecturer, composer, teacher of ancient lore and modern wisdom, was born in Manhattan under the sign of Aries (Taurus Moon, Leo Rising). His book: BEYOND DUALITY: THE ART OF TRANSCENDENCE published by New Falcon Publications can be obtained by calling: 1 (800) 507 - 2665 or by visiting Laurence Galian's website at:

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