Magnificent Glass Pelican

Magnificent Glass Pelican

For a decade, the Magnificent Glass Pelican has been producing and broadcasting a disturbed and cathartic radio theater and audio obscura, a blend of comedy, original music, experimental collisions of word and sound, and beer, bearing, to some ears, resemblances to Firesign Theatre, Monty Python, Negativland, They Might Be Giants, and some kind of John Cage demonstration gone terribly awry. Sometimes sublime, sometimes sophomoric, the MGP simply can't help itself. We call New York's mid-Hudson valley home, and we can be heard on WFNP in New Paltz, NY, and on WFDU somewhere in New Jersey. The sample pieces available here on Paradigm Shift have all been encoded to MP3 with bandwidth, and not sound quality, in mind.

For the record, the present MGP lineup is:

Mark Aldrich, Liz Boiko, John Burdick, Sean Marrinan, Stephanie Marrinan, Matt McCluskey, and David Wills, but it would be criminal not to mention the past and future contributions of Matt Coleman, James Mayer, Mat Thomas, Jack Freifeld, Henry Flynn, Betsy Kraat, Chelsea Lacatena, Pot, Brian Telander, Stuart Bigley, and many others. Put it on your resume: "Performed with The Magnificent Glass Pelican, an award-winning nationally syndicated audio theater ensemble."' We'll back you up on it.

Selected MP3s:

Dreamline (2:56, 707k ): In this early Pelican piece (circa 1991) recurrent character Amy Boston Clarke breathlessly recounts a kind of "Freungian" dream. No time for interpranalysis. Pirates chant at the end, as one would expect.

Pop Hinks Live (8:14, 991k) In 1989, President George Bush declared that little known legendary delta bluesman Albert "Pop" Hinks was a National Treasure, at which point the NTC engaged Immortech, Inc. to preserve Hinks' revenue-generating viability and liver. Unlike other less fortunate National Treasures (Hammy London, for example), and in spite of an aggressive pharmacologic regimen, Pop Hinks, Inc., died in 1997. The Magnificent Glass Pelican has captured on tape portions of the final concert by the man Howling Wolf once called "Who?" At this point in his career, Hinks was given to leisurely meditations on the paradoxes and elusive properties of the blues.

Serbian Space Program (1:46, 215k): This news story needs little explanation, but it does bear mentioning that Jim's saxophone neck, performing here in the role of imploding Achmed, has played a played a part in numerous Pelican pieces, most notably Sean's noirish ghost-bop on "Mark's Body."

Mister Biggy (3:36, 847k): Pelican remains obsessed with grotesque celebrity in this fluff piece. Infamous Jake, Bluebird Wanda, and Little Jones all originate in Artie's Story II. Menagerie of Mirth actually (apparently) exists. Any additional information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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