Aruss Returns


Erotic Fanstasy
by Mercuti777

Hot embers jumped from the fireplace onto the bare wood floor. Rian paced back and forth in front of the dancing fire, nervous, waiting for her love to return. She had bathed earlier, and misted herself with his favorite perfume just before slipping into a soft silk nightshirt and panties. Where could he be? She wondered. He had just gone down into the village to get some supplies. A single days trip easily. When he had left early this morning, he had promised to be back before dinner. It was almost midnight.

She knew that Aruss was more than capable of defending himself against any common predator or fairy. Contented for the moment, and tired from the day, Rian sat down in a chair next to the fire, laid back her head and closed her eyes. She thought of her love walking through the snow, reaching out to him with her mind, not understanding why he was not listening, not responding. He so often used his will to talk to her, why not now when she was worried about him? Perhaps he was drunk and staying at the inn in the village. Thoughts of what might be painted elaborate pictures in Rian's mind as she drifted into sleep. She dreamed of her old life in Sundabold, and even more of the times when she lived in Carthmoore. Images of Aruss working in the port and the ancient guild house propped up on the side of the Highbald cliffs. Her old Master Herod even crept into her head, and she remembered the way he touched her, and all the things he had taught her. Her flesh quivered at the thought. His agile, dark hands moving over her cool white flesh, gripping her small body, grinning wickedly. Putting his hand over her mouth, as he pushes her down on to the floor.

She awoke with a strong hand over her mouth, being pulled up backwards out of her chair. Her heart leapt in fear, and her body flooded with the desire to escape. Her senses heightened, aware of every touch and sound, she tried to pull away. But her limbs were held tight and she felt herself flung onto the bed. Landing on her back, and to her great relief, Aruss jumped on top of her pinning her arms to the side. His smile animating his face devilishly, he stripped himself bare to the waist. "Have you been a good little girl while I was gone to the market?" He asked

"Yes, Daddy," She played along, "I didn't meet any rangers on the moors today, if that's what you mean."

Aruss took a deep breath, looking at the beauty of his love and she looked at him with the greatest of excitement. Her petite form under him. The Elfin heritage shining through in her white skin, and deep sapphire eyes. His lips longed to caress her soft body. Bending down, he gently tasted her neck. She leaned her head back and sighed in pleasure, pushing herself towards his sweet tongue. The taste of her flesh quickened his most primal desires and he lowered his full body down on her, embracing her. He ran his hand up the full length of her body, supporting himself with the other. Rian closed her eyes, as his hand moved under her silk nightshirt and then moved down to cup her ample breast in his hand. Looking at her body in the soft firelight, he leaned down and traced the edge of her pink nipple with his tongue. She put her arms around his neck, arching her chest towards his mouth. His tongue tracing every curve, her nipple became erect, and her breath deep. He slipped his hand under her shoulder blade and pressed her warm body closer to his, taking more of her breast in his mouth. He was already so hard and her pleasurable moans were driving him insane.

He slipped out of bed, and took off his traveling trousers and underclothes. Rian's eyes lingered over his tall and muscular form, taking in all that she desired in him. His skin was dark and smooth, and most enticing of all, he had several large, beautiful tattoos from his early days of sailing. Getting up on her knees, she slipped the nightshirt over her head, leaving only her panties on. He reached out and gripped her luscious hips in his hands and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Inhaling her deep scent, he pressed his open lips to hers, tasting her mouth. Reaching down with his hands he gripped her firm ass, spreading it wide. He felt her soft breasts press against his bare chest. Her heat warming him from the cold night.

He worked his hands over her ass then moved them to rub her mound. She arched her back slightly, pulling away, the feeling coursing through her body. Stroking her lower, he took her whole pussy in his hand, petting her gently. Spreading her legs she moved her hips against his hand and he could feel the wetness through her thin panties. He licked her lips then ran his tongue down to her neck and gently bit her shoulder as he gripped her arms, pushing her down onto her back. Suddenly, in one swift motion, he turned her onto her stomach. She gasped in pleasure, that was her favorite position.

Aruss carefully pulled her black panties down exposing her smooth ass. Biting each cheek in turn, he then took her panties the rest of the way off, throwing them on the floor. Pushing his knees into the back of hers, he spread her legs wide. Laying down, he buried his face in her flower, tasting her juices. She pushed her ass out to him, laying her face in the pillow. Running his tongue over her folds, he slipped a finger into her tight hole. Pushing towards him, she arched her back raising her ass high in the air. Taking his finger in more, she moaned and rocked her hips. His erection grew full and hard, and her ass was so beautiful in the air. He got up on his knees behind her, grabbed her hips and pulled her up onto her knees. Placing the head of his cock against her tight pussy, he stroked her back. He knew how much she loved to be teased, he rubbed his head through her swollen wet lips, and pressed against her asshole. She spread her legs wider, inviting him to enter.

Pushing her sweet little ass against his throbbing cock, she reached back and spread her folds for him. How could he possibly resist any longer, even if it was for her pleasure. Pushing ever so gently, he slid the head of his cock into her waiting pussy. She moaned softly and gripped the pillow, slowly pushing against him, sinking his erect manhood into her. When she had taken it all the way in and her wet warm flesh pressed all around him, he began to pull back out. She loved the feeling of him filling her, a tingling sensation that reached all the way to her stomach. She leaned back into him as he slid out, opening herself even more. Overwhelmed with the feeling of her need and his own, he thrust himself into her even deeper and slowly began to the even in-and-out rhythm he knew she loved.

Beads of sweet formed on Aruss's brow as Rian's wet pussy and her beautiful moaning brought him near orgasm quickly. He pulled out and bent down to lick her folds some more, pressing his thumb against her tight asshole. He tasted her dripping honey, running his hands up her soft body to caress her breasts. Wanting her to come, he turned her on her back and spread her legs and pushed her knees up next to her firm tits. Her favorite position.

"Hold your legs back little girl." He said wickedly, smiling, licking his lips, tasting her pussy on his mouth. Rian held her legs behind the knees, and tensed her muscles. She felt herself becoming even wetter at the thought of what was happening to her. She felt Aruss's hands grip her ass, as he rubbed his cock through her very exposed lips. She always felt so helpless when he did that too her, her stomach fluttered. With one hand Aruss caressed her flower and spread it and with the other directed himself into her. He stroked evenly, Rian crying out with pleasure. She grabbed his wrists, letting go of her legs. Knowing what she wanted, he grabbed her knees and pushed them wide. Rian felt him thrust deep in her as he shifted his weight onto her, pinning her to the bed. She gripped his wrists, as his sweat dripped onto her stomach, making her shudder. His quickening pace and deepening thrusts overtook her body and pleasure engulfed her as she came. His cock penetrating her rapidly, sustaining her orgasm as he sought to please himself. Waves of bliss washed over her, Aruss's own moaning heightening her ectasy. His hands gripped her knees tightly, as he exploded in orgasim. Such heavenly sensation pulsing through his body, he shook with the jolt, grunting. He found himself heaped on top of her, his energy exhausted.

She gave a little nudge and he rolled off of her, looking over to smile at her. Her eyes were closed and she looked satisfied. Her smooth skin glistening in sweat, he ran his hand down her arm. She smiled in return and covered herself to go to sleep. Aruss moved to put his arm around her and stared at the fire until he too feel asleep thinking of her and all that they were together.

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