From "Tolkien: A Cultural Phenomenon" (2003) by Brian Rosebury

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[page 23] 

At length Gildor turned to the hobbits .... ‘We think you had best come now with us. It is not our custom, but for this time we will take you
our road, and you shall lodge with us tonight, if you will.’

‘O fair folk! This is good fortune beyond my hope’, said Pippin. Sam was speechless. ‘I thank you indeed, Gildor Inglorion’, said Frodo
[page 24] bowing. ‘Elen sila lúmenn’ omentielvo, a star shines on the hour of our meeting’, he added in the high-elven speech.

‘Be careful, friends!’ cried Gildor laughing. ‘Speak no secrets! Here is a scholar in the Ancient Tongue. Bilbo was a good master. Hail
Elf-friend!’ he said, bowing to Frodo. ‘Come now with your friends and join our company! You had best walk in the middle so that you
may not stray. You may be weary before we halt.’ (FR, 90)