From "Tolkien: A Cultural Phenomenon" (2003) by Brian Rosebury

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[page 23] the words chosen, however remote they may be from colloquial speech or ephemeral suggestions, must be words that remain in
literary use ... among educated people .... They must need no gloss. The fact that a word was still used by Chaucer, or Shakespeare, or even
later, gives it no claim, if it has in our time perished from literary use .... Antiquarian sentiment and philological knowingness are wholly out
of place.

[1] ‘On Translating Beowulf’, The Monsters and the Critics, ed. C. Tolkien (Allen & Unwin, 1983) pp. 55-6. Quotations from this volume reprinted by
permission of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd © J. R. R. Tolkien, 1983.