Table of Contents


Chapter One: The Lord of the Rings: Imagining Middle-earth

Quote one: "They hastened up the last slope..."

Quote two: "The village of Bree had some hundred stone houses..."

Quote three: "He is one of the wandering folk..."

Quote four: "The words chosen, however remote they may be..."

Quote five: "At length Gildor turned to the hobbits..."

Quote six: "Real names tell you the story of the things..."

Quote seven: "Frodo has to be dug out of no less than five 'Homely Houses'..."

Quote eight: "When their breakfast was over..."

Quote nine: "If Good and Evil are to be incarnated..."

Quote ten: "Let folly be our cloak..."

Quote eleven: "An old weary hobbit, shrunken by the years..."

Quote twelve: "'Fair lady!' said Frodo..."

Quote thirteen: "Now more torches were being lit..."

Quote fourteen: "'Good evening, Mr Baggins!' he said...."

Quote fifteen: "'No taste of food, no feel of water...'"

Quote sixteen: "'You revealed yourself to me just now, foolishly.'"

Quote seventeen: "'The Dead can't be really there!'"

Quote eighteen: "'A new Power is rising.'"

Quote nineteen: "'That,' said Sam, when he had finished reciting..."

Quote twenty: "They leapt up refreshed."

Quote twenty-one: "for me a work of fiction exists only insofar..."

Quote twenty-two: "'Mark my words, my friends:...'"

Quote twenty-three: "'Those were the broad days!'"

Quote twenty-four: "'the brave things in the old tales and songs...'"