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Studio Assistant Work
& Assistant Art Direction

Models for Broadway, Opera, and Off-Broadway designers, NYC, early 1980s.

The Thorns,  Reeves Entertainment Group, NYC, 1988. Designer: Tom Walsh


Drafting for opera designer Zack Brown, NYC, late 1980s.

Rigoletto, Metropolitan Opera, NYC, 1988. Designer: Zack Brown

Late Night with David Letterman, NBC Television, NYC, 1989. Designer: Kathleen Ankers


Another World, NBC daytime drama, NYC, 1990. Designer: Bobby Berg

The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez, Mediascope, NYC, 1990. Designer: George Tsypin


Malcolm X, 40 Acres & A Mule, NYC, 1991. Designer: Wynn Thomas


Mac, Macfilm Productions, NYC, 1991. Designer: Robin Standefer

The City, ABC daytime drama, NYC, 1995. Designer: Boyd Dumrose (Daytime Emmy award)

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