Pine Trees

Pines native to Provence, a landscape that inspired Ithilien:

Maritime Pine, Pin Maritime. Pinus pinaster (maritima). This regional pine tree is distinctive for its color and its very long needles. At 15-25cm, the needles are about twice as long as any other pine in the region. The color is a clear, dark green, distinguishable from the yellow-green tint of the Allepo pine or the bluish tint of the Scots pine. The branches curve upwards, and the needles are clustered thickly, even very high on the tree.

Aleppo Pine, Pin d'Alep. Pinus halepensis. The Aleppo pine is found mostly along the coastal regions, especially in exposed areas that are hot and dry. They can grow to about 20 m, and are often bent or twisted, with the branches shaped in bunches or large lumps, rather than the neat conical Christmas-tree shape.





"...and cornel, and other shrubs that they did not know. Here and there they saw knots of tall pine-trees.”

 “All about them were small woods of  resinous trees, fir ..." [Back to Herblore]

Aleppo Pine

Maritime Pine