European Silver Fir, Abies alba. An evergreen tree of the Central & Southern European mountains growing to 45m by 15m at a fast rate. In England, grows best in moist valleys in Scotland and in S.W. England. It is in leaf all year, in flower from April to May, and the seeds ripen from September to October. The scented flowers are pollinated by Wind. Both the leaves and the resin are common ingredients in remedies for colds and coughs, either taken internally or used as an inhalant. An essential oil obtained from the leaves is used as a disinfectant and also in medicine and perfumery. It is a common ingredient in many bath products, giving them their familiar pine scent.


 Other firs of the Mediterranean basin: Abies borisii-regis, Bulgarian Fir (Bulgarian mountains, Greece); Abies cephalonica, Grecian Fir (Greek mountains); Abies nebrodensis, Sicilian Fir (No. Sicily); Abies pinsapo, Spanish Fir (So. Spain).

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"...knots of tall pine-trees.”

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Firs on hillside

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