Atlas Cedar (Cèdre de l'Atlas); Cedrus atlantica. The Atlas cedar grows to about 40 m, with a conical shape and widely spaced branches. It's native to the Atlas mountains in North Africa, but has been planted in Southern Europe for ornament as well as for timber. Shape: broad and conical; branches grow upwards from the trunk and often appear as separated groups

Bark: smooth and dark gray; cracked and scaled with age. The base of the trunk is often buttressed. Leaves: 1-3 mm, growing in round tufts of 40-50 on short spurs; green to bluish-green (especially for young trees).

From: http://www.beyond.fr/flora/cedar.html





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Provence mountainside

Photos from: http://www.burningsticks.com/images/cedre02.jpg

Cedar trees

Photos from: http://www.vivaidimontegiovanni.com/Conifere/cedrus_atlantica.jpg