Asphodelus. These perennials are natives of central and southern Europe. They form clumps of flattened, linear, medium green leaves that grow up to 2 feet long. In late spring and early summer, they produce thick-stemmed racemes of small, star-shaped, white flowers. These plants grow up to 3 feet high and spread 18 inches.


Asphodelus aestivus Liliaceae Size 50-150 cm (med-tall) This medium to tall perennial grows to over 1 m. The roots bear spindle-shaped tubers and are edible, and were formerly used as a glue. Sometimes grows in large colonies.



"...filbert-brakes; and asphodel and many lily-flowers nodded their half-opened heads in the grass: deep green grass beside the pools . . .

"The swift growth of the wild with briar and eglantine..."

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