‘Bless the old hobbit! I love him more than ever.’ - Merry on Bilbo, FR, II, 6.

‘I love him. He's like that, and sometimes it shines through, somehow. But I love him, whether or no.’ -Sam about Frodo, TT, II, 4.

Filled suddenly with love for this old man, he knelt on one knee, and took his hand and kissed it. -Merry about Theoden, RK, I, 2.

‘There go three that I love, and the smallest not the least,’ -Aragorn, RK, I, 2.

Beregond of the Guard thought first of the captain whom he loved, -Pippin, RK, I, 4.

and he wept, for he had loved his lord as a father. -Dernhelm of Theoden, RK, I, 5.

and a light of knowledge and love was kindled in his eyes, and he spoke softly. -Faramir about Aragorn, RK, I, 8.

‘And by the love of him also,’ said Legolas. ‘For all those who come to know him come to love him after his own fashion,’ -Legolas of Aragorn, RK, I, 9.

His love for Frodo rose above all other thoughts, -Sam, RK, II, 1.

In that hour of trial it was the love of his master that helped most to hold him firm; -Sam, RK, II, 1.

‘ . . . but you too, Pippin. I love you, if only because of the pains you have cost me’ -Gimli, RK, II, 4.

‘Since the day when you rose before me out of the green grass of the downs I have loved you,’ -Eomer to Aragorn, RK, II, 6.