1/24/08:       Sexuality in Tolkien's Works

1/17/08:       Christian Readings of Tolkien

1/5/08:         Scholars of Medieval Literature,

                        Influence of

                    Spanish Language

                    Symbolism in Tolkien's Works

                    Time Travel

1/4/08:         Gender in Tolkien's Works

1/3/08:         "On Translating Beowulf"

                    Poems by Tolkien: The

                        Adventures of Tom Bombadil

                    Poems by Tolkien: The Hobbit

                    Qenyaqetsa: The Quenya

                        Phonology and Lexicon

                    Return of the Shadow

                    Road Goes Ever On, The


1/2/08:         Mercy




                    Neave, Jane

1/1/08:         Homecoming of Beorhtnoth



                    Jackson, Peter

                    Literary Context, Twentieth


12/30/07:    Alliterative Verse by Tolkien

                    Art and Illustrations by Tolkien

                    Artists and Illustrators'

                        Influence on Tolkien

                    Auden, W. H.: Influence

                         of Tolkien


                    Coghill, Nevill Henry Kendal


                    Cruces in Medieval Literature

                    D'Ardenne, S.R.T.O.





                    Elves: Kindreds and



                    Exodus, Edition of


                    Family Background

                    Finland: Reception of Tolkien

                    Frame Narrative


10/9/07:      Marxist Readings of Tolkien

                    Textual History: Errors and


9/25/07:       Koivië-néni and Cuiviénen

                    Tolkien Remembered:

                        Humphrey Carpenter

                    Treason of Isengard, The

                    War of the Jewels, The

9/4/07:         Towers

8/28/07:       Class in Tolkien's Works

                    Obituary for Henry Bradley

8/15/07:       Lost Road, The

                    Riddles: Sources


                    Saxo Grammaticus

                    Sir Gawain and the Green

                        Knight, Pearl, Sir Orfeo,

                        Edited by Christopher Tolkien

                    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight:

                        Edition with E.V. Gordon

                    Solomon and Saturn

8/12/07:       Spain: Reception of Tolkien

8/9/07:         Tolkien, Hilary

8/8/07:         Tolkien, Arthur Reuel                   

8/6/07:         Warwick

7/31/07:       Jungian Theory

                    MacDonald, George

7/27/07:       Augustine of Hippo

7/23/07:       Joyce, James                   

7/19/07:       Genesis

                    Wanderer, The

7/11/07:       Denmark: Reception of Tolkien

                    Dutch Language

7/9/07:         Good and Evil

                    Gordon, E.V.

                    Gordon, Ida


                    "Middle English 'Losenger':

                        A Sketch of an Etymological

                        and Semantic Inquiry"


                    Spring Harvest, A: G. Bache

                        Smith, ed. J.R.R. Tolkien

7/5/07:         Northern Courage

7/2/07:         Germany

6/30/07:       Charms

                    Great Haywood

6/29/07:       McCallum, Ronald Buchanan

                    Tour in the Alps, 1911

6/27/07:       Germany, Reception of Tolkien

6/23/07:       Smith, Geoffrey Bache

6/22/07:       Authorship

6/19/07:       Deor

6/18/07:       Poland: Reception of Tolkien

6/15/07:       Finn and Hengest

6/14/07:       Ælfwine (Old English


                    Christ: "Advent Lyrics" 

6/10/07:       Light                   

                    Tolkien, Priscilla

6/8/07:         Mythology, Celtic

                    Mythology, Germanic

6/7/07:         Language, Theories of

6/6/07:         Maps

5/27/07:       Ring-giving

5/26/07:       Philately                   

5/23/07:       Environmentalist Readings

                        of Tolkien

5/20/07:       Arthurian Romance

5/18/07:       Ylfe, Álfar, Elves

5/13/07:       Lewis, C.S.

                    Publications, Posthumous

                    Publishing History


5/11/07:       Feminist Readings of Tolkien

                    France: Reception of Tolkien

                    French Language

5/10/07:       Gaze

5/7/07:         Report on the Excavation of ….

                         Lydney Park, Gloucestershire

5/6/07:         Family Trees


5/4/07:         Dante

5/3/07:         Death

5/1/07:         "English and Welsh"

4/30/07:       "Secret Vice, A"

4/27/07:       History, Anglo-Saxon

                    "MS Bodley 34: A

                        Re-Collation of a Collation"

4/26/07:       AB Language                           


4/25/07:       Bakshi, Ralph                   

4/24/07:       Ireland



                    Pearl: Edition by E. V. Gordon

4/22/07:       Haigh, Walter E.

                    New Glossary of the Dialect of

                    the Huddersfield District, A


4/19/07:       Film Scripts, Unused

                    Suffield Family

                    Tolkien (née Suffield), Mabel

4/18/07:       Glorfindel

                    Wolvercote Cemetery

4/15/07:       Allegory

4/12/07:       Holy Maiden Hood by

                        J. Furnival: Review by Tolkien

4/4/07:         Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, The

                    South, The

                    Tolkien Scholarship: First

                        Decades: 1954-1980

4/3/07:         Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc.


4/2/07:         Denethor

                    "A Fourteenth-Century


                    Tolkien, Christopher Reuel

3/31/07:       Smith of Wooton Major

                    Smith of Wootton Major


3/28/07:       T.C.B.S. (Tea Club and

                        Barrovian Society)

3/26/07:       Saxo Grammaticus

                    Wain, John

3/25/07:       Manuscripts, Medieval

3/22/07:       "Beowulf: The Monsters  

                        and the Critics"

                    Beowulf: Tolkien's Scholarship

                    Old English

                    Old Norse Language

3/21/07:       Race and Ethnicity in

                        Tolkien's Works

3/20/07:       Eärendil

3/18/07:       Silmarillion, The

                    "Some Contributions to Middle

                        English Lexicography"

                    Tolkien Scholarship: Since 1980

3/17/07:       Orality

3/12/07:       Merry

3/11/07:       Prose Style

                    Tolkien Scholarship:

                        An Overview

3/8/07:         Leeds

3/7/07:         Free Will

3/4/07:         Latin Language

3/3/07:         World War I

2/27/07:       Poems by Tolkien in Other


2/22/07:       Shelob

2/18/07:       Poems by Tolkien: The

                        Lord of the Rings

2/15/07:       "Chaucer as Philologist:

                        The Reeve's Tale"

2/13/07:       Eldamar

2/7/07:         Faërie

                    Fairyology, Victorian

2/5/07:         Middle English Vocabulary, A

                    Norman Conquest

2/3/07:         Book of Lost Tales II

1/30/07:       Kôr

1/29/07:       Alliteration

                    Alliterative Revival                   

1/28/07:       Seafarer, The

1/26/07:       Buchan, John

                    Farmer Giles of Ham

                    Father Christmas Letters

                    Nazi Party

1/24/07:       Existentialism     

                    Literature, Twentieth Century:

                       Influence of Tolkien

1/21/07:       Danish Language

1/13/07:       Túrin

12/24/06:     Orfeo, Sir

12/12/06:     Eucatastrophe

11/20/06:     Pippin