This text from The Children of Hurin (2007) is provided without permission for purposes of discussion on's Reading Room online forum. It is divided into sections (with bracketed headers and leaders) to parallel the week's scheduled discussion. Additionally, colors have been added to the text to highlight how much of the recomposed text is from earlier published works.

Blue Text indicates language that appeared in Unfinished Tales (1981). Purple Text is language that appeared in The Silmarillion (1977). Black text is language that has not previously been published in the context of this story, although no conclusions may be drawn as to whether it is the work of author J. R. R. Tolkien or his editor Christopher Tolkien. Mr. C. Tolkien has admitted to adding some 'transitional' language, but he has also noted the existence of alternate drafts of this material that was not used in his previous posthumously edited compilations of his father's work.

Bracketed footnotes have been provided wherever new language occurs. These link to comparisons between the text in The Children of Hrin and how it appeared in the earlier published works. - squire, June 2007. Inquiries may be directed to