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Note [23]


In The Children of Húrin:


...restore all the fiefs of Bëor's house to his heir; and that is you, Morwen daughter of Baragund. Wide lordships we should then wield, and a high inheritance come to our son. Without the malice in the North he should come to great wealth, and be a king among Men.’

‘Húrin Thalion,’ said Morwen, ‘this I judge truer to say: that you look high, but I fear to fall low.’

‘That at the worst you need not fear,’ said Húrin.

That night Túrin half-woke,...


In Unfinished Tales, “Narn I Hîn Húrin”:


...restore all the fiefs of Bëor's house to his heirs, and a wide inheritance will come to our son.’

That night Túrin half-woke . . .