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Science Fiction Association of Bergen County

Starship Express

Starship Express newsletter

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About the newsletter:

The Starship Express is the Newsletter of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County. The publication consists of eight 8.5" X 11" sheets printed back to back. The method of reproduction is photocopy. The newsletter is mailed in an envelope at the end of the old month or beginning of the new month.

The newsletter usually contains the following information:

Page One:

Write up of the current meeting. This includes the meeting site, meeting time, name and information of scheduled speaker, premeeting activities (anime, book sales, Star Trek, etc.), a paragraph about the Association, copyright and subscription information.

Page Two:

Directions and a map to the meeting site are usually found here.

Page Three:

Association Activities and Business are usually found here. Regular features include a list of people whose membership has expired, a list of people who have joined or rejoined the S.F.A.B.C., and the current total of active members. It lists any activities of the group which are not being held at a bookstore (usually the Dungeons & Dragons Game, the Special Activities Group, and the Writers' Critique Group.) It also includes Club Activities at a Glance for quick reference. Follow ups to old items of business or announcements of new business will appear here.

Pages 4 - 7:

"Bookstore Events," a chronological list of S.F.A.B.C. and other discussion groups meeting at bookstores appears in these pages. So does "Conventions, Readings, Signings, Talks, & Workshops" which appears in date order except for the S.F.A.B.C. meeting listings which open and close this section. The city and state in which these activities occur is boldfaced for easy reference. Note that meetings of clubs are not listed here unless there is a speaker or similar presentation connected with the meeting.

A review of the previous month's meeting is found here. The write-up includes a list of members present for the meeting, premeeting, or post meeting activities. A summary of the guest's talk is included. Accounts of Club Activities from the previous month is also found in this section.

News of outside events of interest appears in these pages.

Page Eight:

The final page is a dateline of the month's activities. This includes both club and non-club happenings. Meeting dates of clubs who have no scheduled speaker may appear here. Association events are shown in boldface. Events featuring S.F.A.B.C. members appear in italics.

The dateline is intended to be a quick referral guide to area activities. Events are normally given in greater detail in the interior pages of the Express.

A sample issue will be furnished to anyone requesting a copy. Consult the homepage for contact information.

The newsletter is furnished to members of the Association. It is possible to become a member and receive 12 issues of the Express by mailing a check for $ 10.00 made payable to Philip J. De Parto, 136 Manhattan Avenue, Waldwick, NJ 07463, USA.

This Website also contains a few past issues of The Starship Express and certain articles reprinted from earlier issues.

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Back Issues of the Starship Express:

A few issues of The Starship Express have been posted on this Website. By reading the Newsletter, you can get a pretty good "feel" as to what the club is all about. There have been a few changes to the Express' format to make it dovetail better with a Website presentation.

There are no plans to put the newsletter online, although certain sections may appear on this Website like the Current Meeting Write-Up and the Directions and Map To the Saddle River Valley Cultural Center.

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Reprinted Articles:

One downside to the growth of the Association and the expansion of its scope of activities has been that there has been less and less room in The Starship Express to print non-news information. It was easier to find the space for articles of all sorts years ago than it is now. A Web Page is an ideal spot to make some of these gems available again. Many of these originally appeared elsewhere and were reprinted in the Express with permission. All articles have been copyrighted.

A list of articles appearing on line follows.

By Leora Baeder:

  1. My Life Has a Dog

By Mark Blackman:

  1. The Night of the Leavened Bread
  2. Tactics of Mishegoss or Rabbi, Don't Ask

By Nancy Cucci:

  1. Why a SMOF is not a SMURF
  2. My Brilliant Career in Art

By Philip De Parto:

  1. Asimov at Columbia
  2. The Halfass Experiment by Philip J De Parto
  3. Lin Carter: A Remembrance
  4. The Little Helliad reviewed by Philip J De Parto
  5. Humorous Fantasy

By Mark Leeper:

  1. Conan Heavy & Conan Lite
  2. Klingon Language Institute
  3. The Golem: An Introduction
  4. Lawn Decorations
  5. Mt Holz Meetings
  6. Phantom(s) of the Opera by Mark Leeper
  7. The Square Dance Conspiracy
  8. What's So Good About Star Wars?

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