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Science Fiction Association of Bergen County

Following is a master listing of the Links that can be explored from this site.

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Recent additions to the website

Meeting Information (These links deal with the S F A B C and its meetings)

Current Meeting Write-Up

Directions and Maps to Saddle River Valley Cultural Center

Dateline of Upcoming Events in Table and Non-Table Format

Past Speakers of the Association in Table and Non-Table Format, and by area of specialty.

Of Interest to Fans (These links concern the internet or other groups)

Message Postings (New Message Postings!)

Metropolitan Area Clubs

Links & Listings

Directions for other meeting locations:

Special Interest Groups of the S F A B C (These links explore our sub-groups)

The Starship Express (These links deal with our newsletter)

Back Issues of the Express

Reprinted Articles

By Leora Baeder:

  1. My Life Has a Dog

By Mark Blackman:

  1. The Night of the Leavened Bread
  2. Tactics of Mishegoss or Rabbi, Don't Ask

By Nancy Cucci:

  1. Why a SMOF is not a SMURF
  2. My Brilliant Career in Art

By Philip De Parto:

  1. Asimov at Columbia
  2. The Halfass Experiment by Philip J De Parto
  3. Lin Carter: A Remembrance
  4. The Little Helliad reviewed by Philip J De Parto
  5. Humorous Fantasy

By Mark Leeper:

  1. Conan Heavy & Conan Lite
  2. Klingon Language Institute
  3. The Golem: An Introduction
  4. Lawn Decorations
  5. Mt Holz Meetings
  6. Phantom(s) of the Opera by Mark Leeper
  7. The Square Dance Conspiracy
  8. What's So Good About Star Wars?

Convention Reports


Regional Conventions:

Original Fiction

Outside Links & Listings

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