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Science Fiction Association of Bergen County

March 2003:  No, this website is not abandoned!  An important announcement about the SFABC Starship Web Express.....

Message Postings

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Members of the Association may use this area to post messages. Contact James La Barre (E-mail address at the end of this section) to have a message posted.

Does anyone episodes of the shows Beyond Westworld, Quark, or Wizards & Warriors on VHS that they can dupe for me?

I have the first season of Star Trek, the Next Generation which I taped when it was first broadcast. I never could get into the show and would be happy to find a home for them in return for a balancing number of blank, brand name VHS tapes. Shows were recorded in SP mode.

Looking for Issues # 1 & 2 of Babylon 5 Comic Book published by DC Comics.

Prints by Jael and Carl Lundgren for sale. Jael print is 8.5" X 11", not matted, of a woman dancing on a pedestal. Lundgren is a smaller, matted print.

Large collection of Dr.Who paperbacks (3 different Pinnacle Books titles, 300-400 of each), press kits, ad slicks, Dalek plans. For sale as one lot.

You can contact James La Barre at jamesl@bestweb.net

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