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Science Fiction Association of Bergen County

March 2003:  No, this website is not abandoned!  An important announcement about the SFABC Starship Web Express.....

About the Association

The S F A B C is a little more than a dozen years old. Our over 100 members are drawn from 15 counties in the states of New Jersey and New York. Our average meeting attendence is around 35.

Every meeting features a talk or other presentation by someone involved with the science fiction, fantasy, horror or related fields. We have had writers, editors, artists, literary agents, scriptwriters, filmmakers and even the occasional actor appearing at our group.

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Contact Information:

E-Mail Contact: Philip DeParto

sfabc@myrealbox.com is no longer a maintained email address.
2007/01/16: I have given up on trying to keep the MyRealBox.com address clear of SPAM mail. At this point, easily 99% or more of the mail that goes through that mailbox is junk mail. And the owners/maintainers of MyRealBox.com, the traitors at Novell have done nothing to solve this long-standing problem in YEARS.
If you which to contact Phil by email, try SFABCPhil@gmail.com     -   JEL, Webmaster

For additional information, updates, contact Phil DeParto:

SFABC c/o Phil DeParto
136 Manhattan Avenue
Waldwick, NJ 07463
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