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The Weinsteins (Mazursky's?)

Carole's Paternal Grandfather's Family

Charles (Elchonin) Weinstein was born in the shtetl of Deveen, Russia in the late 19th century. His Mother's name was Chay Fagel. He had four brothers, one named Joe, another named Jacob Blinder.
The family name was probably Mazursky, ie Charles was born Charles Mazursky. The name was in an old family bible. The boys were farmed out to learn trades, Joe to a Weinstein, Jacob to a Blinder. Switching names was a very useful tactic to avoid the Tsar's conscription. Supposedly when Charles arrived in the USA after Joe he used the same name that Joe had: Weinstein.
Charles Weinstein married Yetta Fisher in Russia.
Joe Weinstein married Annie (?), their children were Rubin, Abe, Victor, and Doris.
Doris married Seymour Rubinoff, Victor married Dotty (?).

Charles and Yetta's children were Ruth, Samuel, Morris, and Hy.
Ruth Weinstein married Jack Bitran, their children are Myrna and Neal.
Samuel Weinstein (b. 4 Oct 1913, d. 8 Dec 1988) married Esther Berglass (b. 18 Jun 1913, d. 5 Feb 2002) on 28 Nov 1936. Their children are Carole Ann and Ruby Mae.
Morris died in childhood of heart disease.
Hy Weinstein married Shirley Blum in Augusta, GA, and settled there. Their children are Rae and Paul.

Myrna Bitran married Marvin Turkel, their children are Robert, Meredith and Michelle.
Neal Bitran married Arlene Gotkin, their children are Glenn, Jill, and Lisa.
Carole Weinstein married Stuart Toledano. Their family is described in Children
Ruby Weinstein married Alan Sheppard. Their children are Cara and Jessica.
Rae Weinstein married Barry Stein, they have a son Jeffrey.

Michelle Turkel married Alan Rehs, their children are Benjamin and Helaina.
Glenn Bitran married (?)
Cara Sheppard married Jim Voth, their children are named Alexander Daniel and Sofia Elizabeth.

The Fishers

Carole's Paternal Grandmother's Family

Yetta Fisher was born in Russia, her Father's name was Pincus Fisher.
Yetta had 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Sam and Max, Anna and Mayta.
Max Fisher married Molly (?), their daughter is named Renee.
Anna Fisher married Joe Rabinowitz, aka Robbins. Their children were Alfred, Irwin and Frances.
Mayta Fisher married (?), their daughter is named Kate.

Renee Fisher married Warren Moss.
Alfred Robbins married Molly.
Irwin Robbins married Sally.
Frances Robbins married Harold Smith, they adopted a daughter.

The Ross's

Sally Ross married Samuel Berglass. Their children Fanny, Esther, Ellen and Bruce.
Fanny married Sol Elovich, their children Larry and Eleanor.
Esther married Samuel Weinstein, their children Carole Ann and Ruby Mae.
Ellen married Jack Permut, their children Howard, Susan, and Stephen.
Bruce married Minnie Cooper.

Larry Elovich married Helen Morrell, their children ?, ?, Lynn
Eleanor married Joel Glanstein, their children Stacey and David
Howard Permut married Kate ?, their children Samuel and Sara
Susan Permut married Alan Demby, their children Hanna and Ariel
Stephen married Miriam ?, their children Hannah and Leah.

The Berglass's