I have listed about 5 generations of family, divided into several parts. The first are my antecedents from Turkey, then the ones from Hungary. The third part are their combined entelechy. I don't know the process you use to connect the dots, so I'll provide the data with simple relationships.

It does get complex because of name reuse. Also names for the same person change on different documents - marriage certificate Mik Weitz, headstone Morris Weiss. If you have suggestions or forms to fill in which simplify the description please provide them and I'll try using them instead. contact the author

1. Turkish Ancestry - Toledanos and Mizrahis and Arochas's

My Papoo Shabtai's Family

There is some question about the name of my Great Grandmother Rachel (Joya, Joia?) either Pallaci or Pecho, from a rabbinical family. She married Morris Arochas in Turkey around 1880, most probably in Izmir (aka Smyrna), later they were divorced. They had the following 4 children (known to me): Roberto Bohor Samuel Arochas, (b. 1882, d. 1947), Alberto (b, 1887?), Jacob and Allegra.

Rachel Pallaci or Pecho remarried, to Jacob Toledano before 1890, also probably in Izmir. It was his second marriage also.
Jacob Toledano was a grocer in Izmir. Jacob Toledano died in the early 20th century, probably in Izmir. He was a fierce person. Papoo told me once that when you saw him from two blocks away you wet your pants. The picture of him has been lost. An old monochrome of a man seated, legs crossed, wearing Western garb and a fez, confidently looking back at the camera.
Jacob and Rachel had the following (known to me) children:
son Marco (Moshe), daughter Sultana, son Sabetay (Shabtai) born 27 Nov 1892, died 18 Jul 1970, son Leon, son Joseph.
Sabetay was apprenticed to Mentesch Peres, who had fabric mills in Turkey and Germany. For a year or so during the period before 1910 Sabetay Toledano was apprenticed in Germany and then returned to Turkey. He learned to speak Deutsch, added to his knowledge of Hebrew (and Ladino, Turkish, and Greek) he could also converse with Yiddish speakers. I think that's why he came to New York while most of his family went to Latin America.
Sabetay Toledano married Rebecca Mizrahi, 1913, in Istanbul.

Most of the Toledano/Arochas family left Turkey around the time of World War I.

Rachel Pecho and most of her children, Toledanos and Arochas's, went from Turkey to Buenos Aires, reportedly via Havana, Cuba. Roberto Arochas and his family, then Sabetay & Rebecca Toledano, and later Allegra Arochas, went to NYC via Ellis Island. They don't appear to have traveled together. One arrived while they saved for the other's journey.

Rachel Pecho Arochas Toledano is thought to be buried in the vicinity of Buenos Aires. In 1920, Jacob Aroches is listed as living at 674 Calle 25 de Mayo, Buenos Aires.
Joseph Toledano may have used the name de Toledo. Reportedly the Toledano name was found in Sao Tome, Brasil.
In 1961, Sabetay sailed aboard a Grace Lines ship to South America, visiting at least Brazil and Argentina. Sabetay Toledano visited a brother (possibly Leon) in Brasil who lived at Duque de Caxias, 1548 Porto Alegre, R. G. Do Sol, Brasil. He also visited another brother who lived on Bogota Street in a suburb of Buenos Aires.

Roberto Arochas married Rachel Schinasi (d. 1950), daughter of Samuel. Her sister Caden came to NYC, but her brothers Mordecai, Avram, and Israel remained in Turkey. Their cousins in NYC, Morris and Leon Schinasi, imported Turkish tobacco. It is believed that Morris and Leon Schinasi founded the Schinasi Bros. cigarette company. They later merged into the American Tobacco Company. The Schinasi Mansion that is listed as a landmark in NYC was owned by Morris. Roberto and Rachel had Regina, (b. 1908, Izmir, d. 5 May 2006, Teaneck, NJ), a son, Maurice, (b. 13 Apr 1912, Istanbul, d. 16 May 2000, NYC). Immigration officials listed them as Virginia and Mois probably due to pronunciation. In NYC, they had 3 more daughters: Sally (d. 1991) and Esther (d. 1995) were twins, then Lilly (d. 1975).
In 1913, Rachel Aroshas arrived in NYC on the ship Argentina, from Patras, Greece. The ship's manifest shows that Rachel was accompanied by Virginia, age 5, and Mois, age 11 mos, all from Smyrna. Robert Arochas is shown as living at 84 E. 111th St., NYC. Another contact shown on the ship's manifest is Shinasi Bros., 32 W 100th St, NYC. Both addresses are around the northern end of Central Park, quite respectable neighborhoods around WWI.
On 11 Sep 1920 Alberto and Allegra Aroches arrived in NYC aboard the Vauban, from Buenos Aires. It was their first visit to the USA. They are listed as Greek, born in Smyrna. Alberto is shown as married, age 33, occupation draper, 5' 5", brown eyes, black hair, staying 6 mos. Allegra is unmarried, age 22, no occupation, 5' 3", brown eyes, black hair, staying indefinitely. Their contact in NYC is shown as Alex (more likely Roberto Bohor) Aroches, living at 36 E 119th St., NYC. He's shown as Alberto's brother and Allegra's uncle! The age and relationships need further investigation.
Allegra married Joe Guini, they had 2 daughters, Julia (b. ~1922, d. ~1938) and Rachel. Rachel married Sol Solomon, they had a son Lewis. The Solomon's owned the "King Sol" tomato business. Lewis married Ilene and they have a son and daughter. The family lives in Bergen County, NJ.

Virginia Arochas married Nathan Scherment, they had 1 daughter, Ann. Ann Bernstein is a widow, she has 3 children, Richard, Deborah, and Clifford.
Richard Bernstein is a poet and an HS English teacher, married to a nurse. They have 2 children, Larysa and David.
Deborah married Jonathan Wetreich they have three children, Brittany (born 1995), Daniel (born 1996), and Heather (born,1999). Deborah currently works as a school psychologist in a local school district.
Clifford, is a radiologist and professor at Stonybrook Hospital in Stonybrook, Long Island.
Maurice Arochas married Pearl Saul, and had a son, Robert Steven Arochas, bar mitzvah 7 Mar 1964, and a daughter, Rochelle. Robert Steven Arochas is married, living in LI with 3 children: Amanda (b. 1993), Adam and Bryan (both b. 1998). Rochelle Arochas has lived on the West Coast for many years.
Sally married Allan Karpman, Esther married Henry Baum, both couples were childless.
Lilly married Abe Hauptman, they had a son Robert (b. 1946?, d. 2005), then quadruplets around 1948, of whom two survived childbirth: Richard and Stuart.

My Nona Rebeka's Family

Solomon Bension Mizrahi married Esther ? around 1890. The Mizrahis lived in Istanbul.

Solomon and Esther had the following (known to me) children: Rebecca, born 7 June 1897, d. 1 nov 1952, nyc. Eugenia (Sinyuru), and adopted Sara. Family lore says that Rebeka attended Alliance Israelite schools and learned seamstressing. She did know French and could read English when she lived in America.

Eugenia Mizrahi married Davit (son of Yosef) Bicaci in 1919.
Eugenia and Davit had the following (known to me) children: Bension and Hayim. Eugenia and Davit also adopted Sara?
In 1961, Bay Hayim Bicaci lived at Balat Kanabas Mahalesi Simiter, Veli Sokak No. 2, Balat, Istanbul, Turkey. It is believed that the Bicaci family is now in Israel.

America, America

Sabetai Toledo arrived in NYC 21 Oct 1913 aboard the Chicago (French Line) from (Le)Havre. He is listed as an engineer, aged 21. His sponsor is Gamal, 186 Chrystie St., NYC. Manifest 26, Line 16, in the US National Archives. Later he told me that when he arrived at Ellis Island the admitting officer recommended that he list a younger age than he was in order to get work more easily. So he is actually 3 years older than his immigration & naturalization records show. When Social Security was enacted in 1935 he had to wait an extra 3 years to retire with his pension.
Rebecca Toledano left Patras, Greece, 25 May 1914, aboard the Martha Washington. She arrived 9 June 1914 in NYC, to stay with Sabetay at 164 (184?) Chrystie St. She is listed as a housewife, 21 years old. US National Archives.
On 23 Nov 1916, Sabetay returned to NYC on the Ancon from Cristobal, Canal Zone. He is listed as a salesman, age 23, non-immigrant alien. His last permanent address is 150 Orcher (Orchard) St., resident for 3 years. US National Archives.

Sabetay and Rebecca Toledano had Jacob (Jack, b. 7 Oct 1917, nyc, d. 21 Nov 2011) and Solomon (Sam, b. 26 June 1921, McKeesport, PA). After living at 153 Orchard St. in NYC, they moved to Edison, NJ around 1919. Another missing family picture shows Jack at 1 or 2 years of age standing in their garden. Family legend is that Sabetay worked at the Edison Batttery Factory, and actually met the inventor. popsfamlores
In 1920 they moved to 1123 Lynn Street (or Alley?), McKeesport, PA, where Sabetay worked in a tin mill. His Declaration of Intention, #101129, 2 Jun 1924, lists him as a Tin Worker. The picture was taken in NYC around 1930.
He got very sick after drinking kerosene by mistake on the job, then returned to NYC 24 Apr 1926. On 8 Mar 1928 Sabetay's Petition for Naturalization, 131761, was granted. It showed the family lived at 171 Eldridge St. Sometime later they moved to 173, in front of Temple Monastir, all now gone. On 12 Nov 1928 Sabetay was granted naturalization, certificate 2674627. In 1935 they founded Butterfly Garment, a dress contracting factory. It was closed around 1970.

Jack Toledano married Helen Weiss 26 Mar 1939, nyc. After separating in the late 1960's, they were divorced on 19 Mar 1981.

Sam Toledano went into the Marines in late 1942 and served in the Pacific.
Sam Toledano married Jean Motola, daughter of Rav Robert and Victoria Motola, in 1947. Their children are Stuart Robert, Roberta, and Victoria.
Stuart Robert Toledano is an MD at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.
Roberta married Mel Rosenfeld
Vikki married Zeff Ross.

Hungarian Ancestry - Weiss/Weisz, Weidman/Weisman, Berger, Sonnenschein

The Weiss Family

Karoly Weisz (or Weiss) married Teres Weisman (or Weidman) around 1877, in Hungary. On their memorial stones at Mt Richmond cemetery, Carl W. is listed as Rav Khitrael ben Rav Haim Moshe, d. 17 Jun 1935, age 80, and Teres W. is listed as Toovah Sheindel bat Mordecai, d. 2 Mar 1944, age 85. Bat Mordecai may indicate that she was orphaned and/or adopted.

Carl and Teres had the following (known to me) children: Morris (Mik), Mary, Ignatz, Andre, Asher, Helen, Henry, Louis (Lajuis), Sol, Dave. They all came to NYC in the 20th century. Karoly arrived with Teres, Sander and Derso on 11 Mar 1913 aboard the Caronia, from Fiume. Karoly is listed as a butcher, age 55, from Ofeherto, 5'1", black hair, black eyes. Teres, age 50, 5', black hair, black eyes, is a housewife. Sander is 11 and 1/2, Derso is 9. They were sponsored by Beni(?) Schwartz, brother-in-law to both adults. They were to live at 717 E. 9th St. with their sons Dan'l and Ignacz. Carl & Teres were supported by their children. Mother told me that they lived on Wales Avenue in the Bronx. Every Sunday their sons would visit and leave them money to live. Carl was fond of cigars and whiskey. They were very observant, Teres wore a sheitel, Carl and Morris were known to put on tefilim every morning.
Morris Weiss was born in O Feher To, Szaboya Mega, Hungary, in February 1879. Moricz Weisz arrived 29 Dec 1907 with his sister Maria aboard the Caronia from Fiume. Both come from Ofeherto and will stay at 609 6th St. with their uncle M Weiszmanji. Maria is a servant, age 19. Moricz is a butcher, age 28, 5'6", brown hair, brown eyes. (His wife's petition for naturalization states Jan 1907 arrival.) He was naturalized in NY, NY, 11 Jan 1923, certificate 1798147, probably in the state courts.

Mik W. married Paulina Berger in NYC on 20 Mar 1910. Joseph Roemer performed the ceremony at 84 Ave C, witnesses were Moris Weisman and Pinchas Moskowitz. At the time Mik Weitz lived at 749 E 9th Street in Manhattan and worked as a butcher. It was his lifelong trade, sometimes he owned the shop.

Mary W. married Ralph Fendrich, their children Rose & Dorothy.
Ignatz W. married Julia ?, their children Elinor & Harry.
Sol W. married Sadie Stern, their children Albert, Lulu, Estelle.
Dave (reputedly the good looking one) married Jenny, their children Ray & Irene.

The Bergers

b. Ferancz (Herschel) Berger married Roza Sonnenschein around 1877 in Hungary. Ferancz and Roza had the following (known to me) children: Honey, Ida, Joseph, Peposkov (Pauline), Michael, Eugene (or David). Only Ida and Pauline left Hungary to come to NYC in the early 1900's. Pauline gained citizenship 22 Nov 1937, petition 290772.

Honey B. married Ferencz ? and had 6 children.
Ida B. married Louis Hornick (his 2nd marriage) in NYC around 1910, had one daughter Lillie. Lillie Hornick left home at age 14 for the stage, using the name Eleanor Sheridan. Ida and Louis died in the early 1960's, they're interred in Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY.
Joseph B., b. 1882, d. 1952, had his own butcher shop in Budapest, after working for Jonas Pollatsek. Joseph B. married Paulana ? and had Irene and Stephen.
Irene was married to George ? (an Englishman, architect), and had a son of 14 when they arrived in NYC around 1951. They went to live in Arizona.
Stephen left Hungary for Israel, where he married Mary ?. Stephen and Mary came to the USA, have 2 daughters, Aviva and Esther.

Peposkov (Pauline) was born 6 Apr 1884 in Zemplain Meja Hidalya Mad, Hungary. Pireska Berger arrived in NYC on 23 Dec 1906 on the Amerika from Hamburg. Paulina Berger, when she was married, was living at 150 Ave C, NYC, possibly as a domestic. She was always a good cook, palatschinken were my favorite.

In America

greatgrandma/paloresGreatgrandpa, Greatgrandma, 1933 ***** greatandgrandma/paloresGrandpa, Greatgrandpa, Greatgrandma, Grandma, 1933 Morris and Pauline Weiss had Margaret b. 2 Apr 1911, Helen b. 29 Apr 1913, Joseph b. 12 Dec 1915, and Gerald (Jerry) b. 5 Aug 1917. Helen was born at home, 63 E. 7th St. The attending midwife was Josephine Klein. Helen W. d. 11 May 1999, nyc.
They later lived around 57th and York, then around E. 70th St, before moving to a building they bought, 751 Jackson Ave in the Bronx in June 1927. Helen stopped going to Julia Richmond HS at this time after a flashing incident on the subway.
grandma4childrenwspousesloresGrandma, her 4 children with their spouses around 1952
Margaret married Harry Schechner in 1934 in nyc. Their children are Roberta (b. 1935, nyc) and Warren (b. 17 Jul 1939, nyc).
Joseph went into the Army Air Force as a mechanic and bombardier, stationed in England. Joseph married Sydell Assael in 1948, nyc, they adopted Marvin in 1955.
Jerry went into the tank corps as a motorcycle courier. He contracted pneumonia during training in England and spent a long convalescence in the US at St Albans hospital. Jerry married Pauline Cogan on 7 Nov 1943, nyc, their children Marcia and Laura. Laura married George Anest on 9 Aug 1998. Marcia married Eskil Ericson on 29 Jun 2003. 3. Jack and Helen Toledano had Stuart (b. 12 Apr 1940, nyc), Myron & Harvey (b. 1 Mar 1942, nyc), and Richard (b. 8 Dec 1952, d. 11 Jul 1998, nyc). Originally living at 1317 W. Farms Rd. in the Bronx, they subsequently moved to 751 Jackson Ave. In 1950 they tried living in Brooklyn at 9 Nixon Court, but moved back to 1730 Harrison Ave, the Bronx. In the early 60's they moved to 31-15 Brighton 6th St. in Brooklyn.

Stuart Toledano married Carole Ann Weinstein (dob 4 Dec 1939, brooklyn) on 26 Aug 1962, brooklyn, ny. Carole's roots are documented in Carole's Family
Their entelechy: 5 Grandsons
Alicia Yvonne Toledano, b. 1 May 1965, Fredericksburg, VA. married Lee Russell Shekter, 31 Mar 1996, Chicago, IL Alicia & Lee have Jacob Samuel Shekter, b. 8 Jan 1998, Chicago, IL, Dylan Harry Shekter, b. 10 Sep 1999, Chicago, IL, and Eric Gabriel Shekter, b. 20 Apr 2006, Toronto, ONT, Canada
Rachel Inez Toledano, b. 5 Jul 1968, Mahopac, NY married Lane Hamilton Smith, 23 Jul 1994, Beacon, NY Rachel & Lane have Garrett Hamilton Smith, b. 19 Jun 1999, Richmond, VA.
Kevin Toledano, b. 21 Oct 1969, Mahopac, NY, married Andrea Ortega, 29 Jul 2001, Houston, TX. Andrea & Kevin have Samuel David, b. 21 Jan 2006, Houston, TX and Ana Sofia, b. 30 Oct 2008.

Myron Toledano married Barbara Serapo, 1963, NYC, divorced, 1969(?) Their entelechy: Karyn, b. 1964, Queens, NY and Randy, b. 1968, Queens, NY Myron Toledano subsequently married Ann Dombek, 1970(?)
Their entelechy: brianamandalores
Susan Toledano, b. 29 Jul 1970, Tarrytown, NY, married John Kitchen, FL Susan and John have Brian Kitchen, b. 2002, Atlanta, GA, Brooke Amanda Kitchen, b. 6 Apr 2004, Atlanta, GA meghanemilylores
Nancy Toledano, b. 9 Aug 1973, Fishkill, NY, married John Goetz, FL Nancy and John have Meghan Goetz, b. 2001, PA, and Emily Goetz, 2003, PA.

Harvey Toledano married Elena Tancredi, 1963, Italy
Their entelechy: samanthajasonlores
Jack Toledano, b. 1964, Italy married to Susan Proper, 1989, Newburgh, NY Jack and Susan have Samantha Elena Toledano born 31 May 1991, Peekskill, NY, and Jason Robert Toledano, born 29 Jun 1995, Peekskill, NY jasonlores
Andrew Toledano, b. 28 Oct 1969, NYC, married Brenda Irizarry, Atlanta, GA. Their daughter is Eden Andrea Toledano, born 18 Oct 1994, son Dylan Harvey Toledano, born 9 Nov 1998.

Richard Toledano married Giselle Perelman, 4 Jul 1976, Brooklyn, NY, divorced 1988 Richard and Giselle had Mara Paula Toledano, b. Sep 1983, Brooklyn
Richard Toledano married Hildy Bell, 1996, NYC

Ruby Mae Weinstein, sister of Carole Ann, married Alan Sheppard, later divorced. Their daughters Cara Elizabeth, b. 1 Feb 1971, and Jessica Lynne, b. 16 Apr 1974, both in Kings Park, NY.
Cara Sheppard married Jim Voth, Washington, DC. Their children are Alexander Daniel and Sofia Elizabeth.