"Organic Produce from Your Own Backyard"

Four Winds Farm is a 24 acre diversified organic farm located in Gardiner, in southern Ulster County, of which 4 acres are used to grow vegetables, primarily heirloom and open pollinated varieties for better flavor and for seed saving. The remainder is used to raise beef, which supplies us generously with natural fertilizer. Our farm-generated manure compost allows us to grow vegetables using a method that is very different from conventional farms. Our garden space is NEVER plowed or rototilled. We grow our vegetables in permanently formed beds, some of which have been in place for 18 years. We then spread compost on top of the beds, and plant seeds and transplants directly into the compost. The plant roots and compost nutrients move down into the soil where there is a healthy, thriving community of soil organisms. We find that this technique reduces overall weed pressure and gives us better-tasting vegetables that keep longer in the refrigerator. We also believe that our way of farming is better for the Earth because we are less dependent on energy- and capital-consuming tractors and equipment. Stop by and see us! Scenic views combined with a diversity of life make Four Winds Farm a great place to visit.

Community Supported Agriculture

SECOND WIND CSA - returns in 2014 in the capable hands of Allison Patrick and Alison Fletcher. With Jay as their guide, they continue to farm in the tradition of Four Winds, using an organic no-till method. Since tractors are rarely used, this method of farming leaves a very small carbon footprint, and the resulting superior soil health results in great-tasting, healthy vegetables. You can taste the difference!

Get a weekly supply of Certified Organic vegetables, all fresh and in season, and support local, sustainable agriculture at the same time! Our season begins in early June and ends just before Thanksgiving. For more information click the link above, go to the Second Wind CSA Blog, or just download a brochure here

Heirloom Seedlings

2018 Seedling Sale

Friday May 18 1-5pm
Saturday May 19 9am-2pm

Are you a gardener looking for quality heirloom vegetable transplants for your backyard garden? Look no further! We grow a large selection of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, summer and winter squash, cucumbers, kale, chard, onions, and broccoli and more.

Download the 2018 Seedling Sale Flyer

Grass-Fed Beef

Animals are what they eat, just like you and I. Allowing animals to eat the diet God intended for them (green grass) makes good tasting meat that is good for you.