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I had not been exposed to Internet for very long before I evolved the idea that the Internet could be a repository for the memories of transient things, like Broadway shows, which leave only an original cast recording (if they are musicals), a program, a playbill and some photos when they are gone.

I have had many pleasant E-mail "conversations" with people of approximately my age, from the UK and the US, about old TV shows, and it made me hunt up some lyrics I had written down when I was younger and even more compulsive than I currently am.

So, I display for anyone who is interested the following lyrics to old TV theme songs, and if you have compiled any lyrics to old shows and would like to have me link them, please contact me with the URLs.  

If you have Real Audio, here are some links to audio versions of a bunch of TV theme songs:

PLEASE NOTE:  In some cases, these are not shows I was a great fan of; it is the theme songs which I liked.

The order of these lyrics is rather haphazard; I'm normally a button-down alphabetic/chronologic kind of person, but I just don't feel impelled to put these shows in that kind of order, so here is an alphabetic list of the lyrics you will find below:


Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...


The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh lists this as a "newspaper drama" which is more than I remember.

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Scott Norris Rex Reason
Pat Garrison Donald May
Pinky Pinkham Dorothy Provine
Chris Higbee Gary Vinson
Jim Duke Williams John Dehner
Lt. Joe Switolski Mike Road
Robert Howard James Flavin

Roaring Twenties, Roaring Twenties.
How'd ya do, I'm takin' you to
The Roaring Twenties
For a true bird's-eye-view
Of the Roaring Twenties.

Come with me to the melody
Of the Charleston and Jazz.
Yes-sir-ree, I'll have you dancin' with
Flappers, Finger Snappers.

What a ball, Broadway playboys
And playdolls, gaydolls.
See them all:  Racketeers
And their gunmolls, funmolls.

Prohibition and bathtub gin.
If Bennie sent you, you walk right in
To a Speak Easy, Speak Easy.

Come along to the song
Of the Roaring Twenties
The wild and restless, never boring
Rousing, roaring,
Speak Easy, Speak Easy

Super dooper, frizzle frazzle
Hoop de doo and razzle dazzle
Roaring, soaring Twenties.

YANCY DERRINGER      Action/Adventure 1958-1959 CBS

Click here to hear the theme song.

Yancy Derringer Cast
Yancy Derringer Jock Mahoney
Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah X. Brands
John Colton Kevin Hagen
Amanda Eaton Julie Adams
Madame Francine Frances Bergen

They sing of Yancey Derringer
On every danger trail,
On riverboat, in manor house
And now and then in jail.

They say that Yancy Derringer
Had ruffles at his wrists,
Brocade and silver buckles
And iron in his fists.

Yancy, Yancy Derringer,
Yancy, Yancy Derringer
In every tale of derring do
They tell of Yancy D.

WAGON TRAIN          Western 1957-1965

Wagon Train Cast
Major Seth Adams Ward Bond
Flint McCullough Robert Horton
Bill Hawks Terry Wilson
Charlie Wooster Frank McGrath
Duke Shannon Scott Miller
Christopher Hale John McIntire
Barnaby West Michael Burns
Cooper Smith Robert Fuller

Roll along, Wagon Train.
Rollin' over prairie where there ain't no grass,
Rollin' over mountains where there ain't no pass.

Sittin' on a board eyin' the weather,
Prayin' to the Lord we stay together,
Side by side on the Wagon Train.

Wagon Train, roll along.
Pickin' up a passenger in every town,
Wonderin' if he's ever gonna shoot you down.

Lookin' for a town, ain't it a pity.
Lookin' for a gal, needn't be pretty,
If she'll ride on the Wagon Train.

Wagon ho!  Gotta keep them on the run.
Wagon ho!  Gotta follow the sun.

77 SUNSET STRIP   by Mack David and Jerry Livingston

Click here to hear this theme.

Detective Drama 1958-1965 ABC

77 Sunset Strip Cast
Stuart Bailey Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Jeff Spencer Roger Smith
Gerald Lloyd Kookson, III ("Kookie") Edd Byrnes
Roscoe Louis Quinn
Suzanne Fabray Jacqueline Beer
Lt. Gilmore Byron Keith
Rex Randolph Richard Long
J. R. Hale Robert Logan
Hannah Joan Staley

77 Sunset Strip!
77 Sunset Strip!
77 Sunset Strip!

The street that wears the fancy label,
That's glorified in song and fable,
The most exciting people pass you by
Including a private eye.

77 Sunset Strip!
77 Sunset Strip!
77 Sunset Strip!

You'll meet the highbrow and the hipster,
The starlet and the phony tipster,
You'll meet most every kind of gal and guy
Including a private eye.

77 Sunset Strip!
77 Sunset Strip!
77 Sunset Strip!

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND     by George Wyle and Sherwood Schwartz

Click here for the Gilligan theme.

Situation Comedy 1964-1967 CBS

Gilligan's Island Cast
Gilligan Bob Denve
Jonas Grumby (The Skipper) Alan Hale, Jr.
Thurston Howell, III Jim Backus
Mrs. Lovey Howell Natalie Schafer
Ginger Grant Tina Louise
Roy Hinkley (The Professor) Russell Johnson
Mary Ann Summers Dawn Wells

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.

The mate was a mighty sailing man;
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour--a three hour tour.

The weather started getting rough;
The tiny ship was tossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless crew,
The Minnow would be lost--the Minnow would be lost.

The ship set ground on the shore of this
Unchartered desert isle,
With Gilligan, the Skipper, too,
A millionaire, and his wife,
A movie star, the Professor and Mary Ann
Here on Gilligan's Isle.

Now this is the tale of the castaways
They're here for a long, long time.
They'll have to make the best of things
It's an uphill climb.

The first mate and his skipper too
Will do their very best
To make the others comfortable
In the tropic island nest.

No phones no lights, no motor cars,
Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Crusoe,
It's primitive as can be.

So join us here each week, my friend,
You're sure to get a smile
From seven stranded castaways
Here on Gilligan's Isle.

MR. ED     Situation Comedy 1961-1965 CBS

Click  here for the Mr. Ed theme.

MR. ED Cast
Wilbur Post Alan Young
Carol Post Connie Hines
Roger Addison Larry Keating
Kay Addison Edna Skinner
Gordon Kirkwood Leon Ames
Winnie Kirkwood Florence MacMichael
Voice of Mr. Ed Alan "Rocky" Lane

A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
And no one can talk to a horse, of course,
That is, of course, unless the horse
Is the famous Mr. Ed.

Go right to the source and ask the horse.
He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse.
He's always on a steady course.
Talk to Mr. Ed.

People yackety yack a streak
And waste your time of day.
But Mr. Ed will never speak
Unless he has something to say.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
And this one will talk till his voice is hoarse.
You never heard of a talking horse?
Well, listen to this:
"I am Mr. Ed."

LAWMAN     Western 1958-1962 ABC

Click here to play the LAWMAN theme.

Marshall Dan Troop John Russell
Deputy Johnny McKay Peter Brown
Dru Lemp Bek Nelson
Lily Merrill Peggy Castle
Jake Dan Sheridan

Lawman!  Lawman!

The Lawman came with the sun.
There was a job to be done,
And so they sent for the badge and the gun
Of the Lawman.

And as he silently rode
Where evil violently flowed
They knew he'd live or he'd die by the code
Of the Lawman.

A man who rides all alone
And all that he'll ever own
Is just a badge and a gun, and he's known
As the Lawman.

MAVERICK     Western  1961-1962 ABC

Click here to hear the theme song.

Bret Maverick James Garner
Bart Maverick Jack Kelly
Samantha Crawford Diane Brewster
Cousin Beauregard Maverick Roger Moore
Brent Maverick Robert Colbert

Who is the tall dark stranger there?
Maverick is the name Ridin' the trail to who knows where, Luck is his companion, Gamblin' is his game. Smooth as a handle on a gun, Maverick is the name Wild as the wind in Oregon Blowin' up a canyon, Easier to tame. Riverboat, ring your bell. Fare-thee-well, Annabelle. Luck is the lady that he loves the best. Natchez to New Orleans, Livin' on jacks and queens, Maverick is a legend of the West.

HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL     by Johnny Western, Richard Boone and Sam Rolfe

Click here to hear this theme

Western 1957-1963 CBS

Paladin Richard Boone
Hey Boy Kam Tong
Hey Girl Lisa Lu

Have Gun, Will Travel
Reads the card of a man,
A knight without armor
In a savage land.

His fast gun for hire
Heeds the calling wind.
A soldier of fortune
Is the man called Paladin.

Paladin, Paladin,
Where do you roam?
Paladin, Paladin,
Far, far from home.

SUPERMAN     1951-1957 syndicated

Click here for the Superman opening.

Superman/Clark Kent George Reeves
Lois Lane Phyllis Coates
Lois Lane Noel Neill
Jimmy Olson Jack Larson
Perry White John Hamilton
Inspector William Henderson Robert Shayne

Faster than a speeding bullet.  More powerful than a locomotive.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Look!  Up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's Superman!  Yes, it's Superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.  Superman!  Who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands and who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights the never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way!

(OK, so this is not a theme song, but I remember it from my youth and it brings me pleasure!)

THE LONE RANGER     Western  1959-1957 ABC

Click here for the LONE RANGER opening.

The Lone Ranger Cast
The Lone Ranger Clayton Moore
Tonto Jay Silverheels

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty hi-yo, Silver!  The Lone Ranger!  With his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early West. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...  The Lone Ranger rides again!

BOURBON STREET BEAT     Detective Drama  1959-1960 ABC

Click here to hear the theme song.

Cal Calhoun Andrew Duggan
Rex Randolph Richard Long
Melody Lee Mercer Arlene Howell
Kenny Madison Van Williams

Bourbon Street Beat!
Bourbon Street Beat!

There is a throb
And a wail and a sob in the beat
Of Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street Beat!
Bourbon Street Beat!

The heart throb you find
When you're beatin' behind the scenes
In New Orleans.

This is your theme,
The music for a man who thinks to a dream
A painted dream that comes apart at the seam:
This is the blues.

Bourbon Street Beat!
Bourbon Street Beat!
Yesterday's sorrow 
And hope for tomorrow
Will meet to the beat
Of Bourbon Street.

SURFSIDE SIX     Detective Drama  1960-62  ABC

Even back in 1960, when I was only 13, the appeal of this theme song was that it was so awful.

Click here for the SURFSIDE SIX theme.

Ken Madison Van Williams
Dave Thorne Lee Patterson
Sandy Winfield II Troy Donahue
Daphne Dutton Diane McBain
Cha Cha O'Brien Margarita Sierra
Lt. Snedigar Donald Barry
Lt. Gene Plehan Richard Crane
Mousie Mousie Garner

Surfside Six!  What's that?
Surfside Six!  An address?
Surfside Six!  Where is it?
In Miami Beach.

Surfside Six!  Who lives there?
Surfside Six!  Young bachelors?
Surfside Six!  And where is it?
In Miami Beach.

Soft guitars under the stars
They can lead you to another's arms.
See the waves kissing the shore
While you are kissing someone you adore.

Surfside Six!  It's an address?
Surfside Six!  For a houseboat?
Surfside Six!  And where is it?
In Miami Beach.

THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS  Situation Comedy 1959-1963 CBS

Click here for Real Audio version.

Dobie Gills Dwayne Hickman
Maynard G. Krebs Bob Denver
Herbert T. Gillis Frank Faylen
Winifred (Winnie) Gills Florida Friebus
Zelda Gilroy Sheila James
Thalia Menninger Tuesday Weld
Milton Armitage Warren Beatty
Riff Ryan Tommy Farrell
Melissa Frome Yvonne Lime
Davey Gillis Darryl Hickman
Mr. Leander Pomfritt William Schallert
Clarice Armitage Doris Packer
Mrs. Blossom Kenney Marjorie Bennett
Mrs. Chatsworth Osborne, Sr. Doris Packer
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. Steve Franken
Mrs. Ruth Adams Jean Byron
Dr. Burkhart Jean Byron
Dean Magruder Raymond Bailey
Duncan Gillis Bobby Diamond
Lt. Merriweather Richard Clair

Dobie!  Dobie!     

Dobie:  Wants a gal who's dreamy.
Dobie:  Wants a gal who's creamy.
Dobie:  Wants a gal to call his own.

Is she blond, is she tall,
Is she dark, is she small,
Is she any kind of dream boat at all?
No matter, he's hers and hers alone,
'Cause Dobie has to have a girl to call his own.

HAWAIIAN EYE     Detective Drama 1959-1963  ABC

Click here to hear the theme song.

Tom Lopaka Bob Conrad
Tracy Steele Anthony Eisley
Cricket Blake Connie Stevens
Kazuo Kim Poncie Ponce
Greg MacKenzie Grant Williams
Quon Mel Prestidge
Moke Doug Mossman
Philip Barton Troy Donahue

Hawaiian Eye!
Hawaiian Eye!
Hawaiian Eye!

The soft island breeze 
Brings you strange melodies
And they tell of exotic mysteries 
Under the tropical spell of: 

Hawaiian Eye!
Hawaiian Eye!
Hawaiian Eye!

Where love and adventure await.
This is your fate 
And you cannot stray from-- 
You can't run away from: 

Hawaiian Eye! 
Hawaiian Eye! 
Hawaiian Eye! Eye!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY     Situation Comedy 1964-1966 ABC

Click here for ADDAMS FAMILY theme.

Morticia Frump AddamsCarolyn Jones
Gomez AddamsJohn Astin
Uncle Fester FrumpJackie Coogan
LurchTed Cassidy
Grandmama AddamsBlossom Rock
Pugsley AddamsKen Weatherwax
Wednesday Friday AddamsLisa Loring
Cousin IttFelix Silla
ThingTed Cassidy
They're creepy and they're kookie, Mysterious and spooky, They're altogether ooky, The Addams Family. Their house is a museum; When people come to see ‘em They really are a scre-am. The Addams Family. Neat Sweet Petite So get a witch's shawl on, A broom stick you can crawl on, We're gonna pay a call on The Addams Family.

CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?     Situation Comedy 1961-1963  NBC

Click here to hear the theme song.

CAR 54 Cast
Officer Gunther Toody Joe E. Ross
Officer Francis Muldoon Fred Gwynne
Lucille Toody Bea Pons
Captain Martin Block Paul Reed
Officer O'Hara Albert Henderson
Officer Anderson Nipsey Russell
Officer Antonnucci Jerome Guardino
Officer Riley Duke Farley
Officer Murdock Shelley Burton
Officer Steinmetz Joe Warren
Officer Leo Schnauser Al Lewis
Officer Kissel Bruce Kirby
Officer Ed Nicholson Hank Garrett
Officer Nelson Jim Gormley
Sylvia Schnauser Charlotte Rae
Officer Wallace Frederick O'Neal

There's a hold-up in the Bronx,
Brooklyn's broken out in fights,
There's a traffic jam in Harlem
That's backed up to Jackson Heights.
There's a Scout troop short a child,
Khrushchev's due at Idlewyld,

Car 54, where are you?

SUPER CHICKEN  (Music by Stan Worth; lyrics by Sheldon Allman)  Only 17 episodes were ever made 1967-68.

Click here for the SUPER CHICKEN theme.

Super ChickenBill Scott
FredPaul Frees
NarratorPaul Frees
Other VoicesJune Foray, Daws Butler
When you find yourself in danger
When you're threatened by a stranger When it looks like you might take a lickin' (Buck buck buck buck) There is one thing you should learn When there is no one else to turn to C-a-l-l for Superchicken! Fred, if you're afraid you'll have to overlook it! Besides you knew the job was dang'rous when you took it. He will drink his supersauce And throw the bad guys for a loss And he will bring them in alive and kickin' (Buck buck buck buck) There is one thing you should learn When there is no one else to turn to C-a-l-l for Superchicken! (Buck buck buck buck) C-a-l-l for Superchicken! (Buck buck!)

GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE   (Music by Stan Worth; lyrics by Sheldon Allman)  Only 17 episodes were ever made 1967-68.

George Bill Scott
Ursula June Foray
Ape Paul Frees
District Commissioner Paul Frees
Narrator Paul Frees

Click here for Real Audio version.
George, George, George of the Jungle,
Strong as he can be.
Watch out for that tree!

George, George, George of the Jungle,
Lives a life that's free.
Watch out for that tree!

When he gets in a scrape
He makes his escape
With the help of his friend,
An ape named Ape.

Then away he'll schlep
On his elephant Shep
While Fella and Ursula
Stay in step

George, George, George of the Jungle,
Friend to you and me.
Watch out for that tree!
Watch out for that----tree!

George, George, George of the Jungle,
Friend to you and me!

ROBIN HOOD     Adventure 1955-1958 CBS

Click here for the ROBIN HOOD theme.

The Adventures of Robin Hood Cast
Robin HoodRichard Greene
Maid MarianBernadette O'Farrell
Maid MarianPatricia Driscoll
Sir RichardIan Hunter
Friar TuckAlexander Gauge
Little JohnArchie Duncan
Little JohnRufus Cruikshank
Sheriff of NottinghamAlan Wheatley
Prince JohnDonald Pleasence
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding through the glen. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, With his band of men; Feared by the bad, Loved by the good, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood! He called the greatest archers To a tavern on the green; They vowed to help the people of the king. They handled all the trouble On the English country scene And still found plenty of time to sing. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding through the glen. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, With his band of men; Feared by the bad, Loved by the good, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood!

SUGARFOOT     Western 1957-1961 ABC

Click here to play theme.

Tom "Sugarfoot" Brewster Will Hutchins

Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot,
Easy-lopin', cattle-ropin' Sugarfoot,
Carefree as the tumbleweeds
Ajoggin' along with a heart full of song And a rifle and a volume of the Law.

Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot,
Never underestimate a Sugarfoot.
Once you get his dander up
Ain't no one who's quicker on the draw.

You'll find him on the side of law and order From the Mexicali border To the rolln' hills of Arkansas. Oh, Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot Easy-lopin', cattle-ropin' Sugarfoot Ridin' down to cattle town Ajoggin' along with a heart full of song And a rifle and a volume of the Law. (thanks to Jeffrey Northrup for corrections to this!)

CHEYENNE 1955-1963 ABC Click here to play the CHEYENNE theme.
Cheyenne Cast
Cheyenne BodieClint Walker
SmittyL.Q. Jones
Cheyenne, Cheyenne Where will you be campin' tonight? Lonely man, Cheyenne, Will your heart stay free and light? Dream, Cheyenne, Of the girl you may never love Move along, Cheyenne, Like the restless clouds up above. The wind that blows And comes and goes Has been your only home But will the wild wind one day cease And you'll no longer roam? Move along, Cheyenne, Next pasture's always so green Driftin' on, Cheyenne, Don't forget the things you have seen And when you settle down Where will it be, Cheyenne? Cheyenne! BRONCO 1958-1962 ABC Click here to play the BRONCO theme.
Bronco Cast
Bronco LayneTy Hardin
Bronco, Bronco, Tearin' across the Texas plain, Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne. Born down around the old Panhandle, Texas is where he grew to fame, There ain't a horse that he can't handle, That's how he got his name. Bronco, Bronco, Tearin' across the Texas plain, Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne. Next to a four-square Texas twister You call a cyclone, meek and mild, You've never seen a twister, Mister, 'Till someone gets him riled Bronco, Bronco, Tearin' across the Texas plain, Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne. Show me a gal who's kissed him once I'll show you a gal who's kissed him twice. Once any gal has kissed him twice She's dreamin' of shoes and rice Bronco, Bronco, Tearin' across the Texas plain, Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne. WYATT EARP 1955-1961 ABC Click here to play the WYATT EARP theme
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Cast
Wyatt EarpHugh O'Brian
Bat MastersonMason Alan Dinehart, III
Ben ThompsonDenver Pyle
Bill ThompsonHal Baylor
Abbie CrandallGloria Talbot
Marsh MurdockDon Haggerty
Doc FabriqueDouglas Fowley
Ned BuntlineLloyd Corrigan
Jim "Dog" KellyPaul Brinegar
Jim "Dog" KellyRalph Sanford
Mayor HooverSelmer Jackson
Deputy Hal NortonWilliam Tannen
Doc HollidayDouglas Fowley
Doc HollidayMyron Healy
Kate HollidayCarol Stone
Shotgun GibbsMorgan Woodward
Virgil EarpJohn Anderson
Nellie CashmanRandy Stuart
Old Man ClantonTrevor Bardette
Emma ClantonCarol Thurston
Sheriff Johnny BehanLash LaRue
Sheriff Johnny BehanSteve Brodie
Curley Bill BrociusWilliam Phipps
Johnny RingoBritt Lomond
Mayor ClumStacy Harris
Doc GoodfellowDamian O'Flynn
Morgan EarpDick London
Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp, Brave, courageous and bold. Long live his fame, and long live his glory And long may his story be told. I'll tell you a story, a real life true story, A tale of the Western frontier: The West it was lawless But one man was flawless And his is the story you'll hear. Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp, Brave, courageous and bold Long live his fame, long live his glory And long may his story be told. He cleaned up the country, The old wild west country He made law and order prevail And none can deny it, The legend of Wyatt Forever will live on the trail. Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp, Brave, courageous and bold Long live his fame, long live his glory And long may his story be told. THE PATTY DUKE SHOW Situation Comedy 1963-1966 Click here to play the PATTY DUKE theme.
The Patty Duke Show Cast
Patty/Cathy LanePatty Duke
Martin LaneWilliam Schallert
Natalie MastersJean Byron
Ross LanePaul O'Keefe
Richard HarrisonEddie Applegate
J.R. CastleJohn McGiver
Nicki LeeSusan Melvin
Sue EllenKitty Sullivan
TedSkip Hinnant
MaggieAlberta Grant
GloriaKelly Wood
EileenAnn Alford
RozRobyn Miller
Meet Cathy who's lived most everywhere, From Zanzibar to Berkeley Square, But Patty's only seen the sights A girl can see from Brooklyn Heights. What a crazy pair! But they're cousins, Identical cousins all the way. One pair of matching bookends, Diff'rent as night and day. Where Cathy adores a minuet, The Ballets Russes and crepe suzette, Our Patty loves her rock 'n' roll, Her heart throb makes her lose control, What a wild duet! Still they're cousins, Identical cousins and you'll find They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike, You can lose your mind, When cousins are two of a kind.

SUPERGRAN TyneTees TV Children's Fantasy Sitcom 1985

Click here to hear the theme.

SupergranGudrun Ure
Scunner CampbellIan Cuthbertson
WillardIam Towell
EdisonHolly English
Inventor BlackBill Shine
TubLee Marshall
PostiePeter Sowerbutts
Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin too Don't wanna cause a fracas, but BA Baracas Have I got a match for you She makes them look like a bunch of fairies She's got more bottle than United Dairies Hang about - Look out! For Supergran You can take your heroes, your Robert De Niros Your Al Pacinos too They say Stallone is just another phoney He couldn't lace his shoes After her they're all big girls blouses She's got more front than a row of houses Hang about - Look out! For Supergran She's a serious granny (Supergran!) A serious granny (Supergran!) She'll do things that you never saw your granny do Scunner Campbell: Is there nothing that she cannae do?
FIREBALL X-L 5 Click here for the FIREBALL theme.
Steve ZodiacPaul Maxwell
Professor MaticDavid Graham
VenusSylvia Anderson
Lieutenant NinetyDavid Graham
Robert the RobotGerry Anderson
ZoonieDavid Graham
Commander ZeroJohn Bluthal
I wish I was a spaceman,
The fastest guy alive.
I'd fly you 'round the universe
In Fireball X-L5
Way out in space together
Conquerers of the skies
My heart would be a fireball, a fireball
Every time I gaze into your starry eyes
We'd take a path to Jupiter
And maybe very soon
We'd cruise along the Milky Way
And land upon the moon
The wonderland of stardust
We'll zoom away to Mars
My heart would be a fireball, a fireball
'Cause you would be my Venus of the stars. Secret Agent/Danger Man (1965-66)
Secret Agent
John DrakePatrick McGoohan
Click here for this song performed by Johnny Rivers Written by P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri. Lyrics are copyright MCA Music. There's a man who leads a life of danger; To everyone he meets he stays a stranger. With every move he makes, Another chance he takes. Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow. Secret Agent Man, Secret Agent Man, They've given you a number And taken away your name. Beware of pretty faces that you find. A pretty face can hide an evil mind. Ooh, be careful what you say: You'll give yourself away. Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow. Swinging on the Riviera one day, Then laying in the Bombay alley next day. Oh, don't you let the wrong word slip. While kissin' persuasive lips. The odds are you won't live to see tomorrow.

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