From:  RED DWARF originated as a sketch for BBC Radio 4's Son of Cliché, but owed much to such Sci-Fi screen vehicles as DARK STAR (1973), QUARK (1978) and HITCHHIKERS' GUIDE TO THE GALAXY (1981). This then is the tale of inter-galactic, curry-eating slob Dave Lister, played by Craig Charles, the last human alive. Dave is a twenty-third century Liverpudlian with a penchant for derivatives of the expletive Smeg. He is the sole survivor of a radiation leak aboard the mining vessel Red Dwarf. Brought out of a three-million year long stasis by ship's computer Holly (first played by Norman Lovett and then by Hattie Hayridge), Lister was given company in the form of a hologram of his ex-boss, the pompous Arnold Rimmer played by Chris Barrie. Also aboard was a cat played by Danny John-Jules, a narcissistic, Little Richard-type dude who had evolved in the ships hold from Lister's pet feline, and was a humanoid except for fangs and six nipples! By series 3, Lister is joined by Kryten the subservient android played by David Ross/Robert Llewellyn. This then made up the motley crew of the Red Dwarf.

RED DWARF first appeared on BBC2 in 1988 and has seen a total of 8 series with some 48 x 30 minute episodes screened to date. Created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor rumour has it that there will be a 9th series. Despite at least a couple of attempts, the show has never succeeded in the US but then they do have the original - STAR TREK, now don't they!

Series 1 1-The End Series 2 7-Kryten
2-Future Echoes 8-Better Than Life
3-Balance of Power 9-Thanks for the Memory
4-Waiting for God 10-Stasis Leak
5-Confidence & Paranoia 11-Queeg
6-Me2 12-Parallel Universe

Series 3 13-Backwards Series 4 19-Camille
14-Marooned 20-DNA
15-Polymorph 21-Justice
16-Bodyswap 22-White Hole
17-Timeslides 23-Dimension Jump
18-The Last Day 24-Meltdown

Series 5 25-Holoship Series 6 30-Psirens
26-The Inquisitor 31-Legions
27-Terrorform 32-Gunmen of the Apocalypse
27-Quarantine 33-Emohawk, Polymorph II
28-Demons & Angels 34-Rimmerworld
29-Back to Reality 35-Out of Time

Series 7 36-Tikka to Ride Series 8 44-Back in the Red Part 1
37-Stoke Me a Clipper 45-Back in the Red Part 2
38-Ouroborous 46-Back in the Red Part 3
39-Duct Soup 47-Cassandra
40-Blue 48-Krytie TV
41-Beyond a Joke 49-Pete Part 1
42-Epideme 50-Pete Part 2
43-Nanarchy 51-Only the Good

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