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When I started "publishing" these FLASH GORDON commentaries to Internet, I was contacted by a number of people who wanted to know more about the cast, and I wasn't able to be of much help. Subsequently, however, I discovered an Internet database from which I copied the following information.  This is reached at

This database is linked to a service from which you can order a title if it is available on video. Because some of these films were reissued theatrically under other titles, or the serials were recut into feature length films, or compendia were made of various material (for example, TARZAN), the following titles are not all movies. In the case of Buster Crabbe, some of the titles are of his CAPTAIN GALLANT TV series.

You can see, for instance, that FLASH GORDON (1936) is or was available in various forms, including FLASH GORDON'S SPACE SOLDIERS, FLASH GORDON: ROCKET SHIP and ROCKETSHIP.

I confess to being amazed myself when I looked at these extensive credits. Although Buster Crabbe had a long career in mainly starring roles, he never really made any top of the line product, whereas both Charles Middleton and Richard Alexander, while mainly playing supporting and character roles, appeared in a good many films of importance and lasting fame, such as I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG, DUCK SOUP, BELLE STARR, SERGEANT YORK (for Middleton); MY MAN GODFREY (for Jean Rogers) and KING OF KINGS, GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS, TALE OF TWO CITIES, STORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR, DU BARRY WAS A LADY, SO BIG (for Alexander). A quick scanning of the titles reveals both Lawson and Rogers appeared in DON'T GET PERSONAL.

Buster Crabbe

Born: Clarence Lindon Crabbe Feb 7, 1908 - Oakland, CA - Died: Apr 23, 1983

Athletic actor Buster Crabbe, born Clarence Crabbe, grew up in Hawaii where he developed into a first-rate swimmer and athlete, going on to win the gold medal in 400-meter swimming at the 1932 Olympics (he broke the record held by another actor-athlete, Johnny Weissmuller). After the Olympics he found work in Hollywood playing Tarzan, branching out from this character to eventually play Flash Gordon, Billy the Kid, and Buck Rogers, among other action heroes. He became enormously popular with young audiences for his appearances in many serials and action flicks of the '30s and '40s, and ultimately starred in over 100 films. He also made Westerns (in the '40s he was teamed with sidekick Al "Fuzzy" St. John), and was on the list for Top Ten Western stars at the box office in 1936. Crabbe went on to star in the '50s TV series Captain Gallant, which also featured his son Cullen "Cuffy" Crabbe. He considerably slowed down his acting output in the '50s and '60s, becoming the athletic director for a resort hotel in the Catskills and investing in the swimming pool business. He also authored Energetics, a book on physical fitness for people over 50. Crabbe returned to the screen once, for a large role in The Alien Dead (1980).

Crabbe set a record by having the lead in more serials (9) than any other actor, including:

RED BARRY (1938)
SEA HOUND (1940)

He set 16 world and American swimming records and won 35 National championships.  In 1971 he set 3 more records in swimming for men in the 60-64 age bracket.

Good News 1930
Maker of Men 1931
Movie Town 1931
That's My Boy 1932
Hollywood on Parade 1932
Island of Lost Souls 1933
King of the Jungle 1933
Man of the Forest 1933
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 1933
Tarzan the Fearless 1933
The Thundering Herd 1933
To the Last Man 1933
Badge of Honor 1934
The Oil Raider 1934
Search for Beauty 1934
She Had to Choose 1934
We're Rich Again 1934
You're Telling Me! 1934
Starlit Days at the Lido 1935
Nevada 1935
Hold 'em Yale 1935
Wanderer of the Wasteland 1935
The Arizona Raiders 1936
Arizona Mahoney 1936
Desert Gold 1936
Drift Fence 1936
Flash Gordon 1936
Lady Be Careful 1936
Rose Bowl 1936
Daughter of Shanghai 1937
Forlorn River 1937
King of Gamblers 1937
Murder Goes to College 1937
Sophie Lang Goes West 1937
Thrill of a Lifetime 1937
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars 1938
Hunted Men 1938
Illegal Traffic 1938
Mars Attacks the World 1938
Red Barry 1938
Tip-Off Girls 1938
Buck Rogers 1939
Call a Messenger 1939
Colorado Sunset 1939
Million Dollar Legs 1939
Unmarried 1939
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 1940
Sailor's Lady 1940
Billy the Kid Wanted 1941
Billy the Kid's Roundup 1941
Jungle Man 1941
Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped 1942
Jungle Siren 1942
Law and Order 1942
The Mysterious Rider 1942
Queen of Broadway 1942
Sheriff of Sage Valley 1942
Wildcat 1942
Cattle Stampede 1943
Fugitive of the Plains 1943
The Kid Rides Again 1943
The Renegade 1943
Western Cyclone 1943
Blazing Frontier 1944
The Contender 1944
The Devil Riders 1944
Drifter 1944
Frontier Outlaws 1944
Fuzzy Settles Down 1944
Nabonga 1944
Oath of Vengeance 1944
Thundering Gun Slingers 1944
Valley of Vengeance 1944
Wild Horse Phantom 1944
Border Badmen 1945
Fighting Bill Carson 1945
Gangster's Den 1945
His Brother's Ghost 1945
Lightning Raiders 1945
Rustler's Hideout 1945
Prairie Rustlers 1945
Shadows of Death 1945
Stagecoach Outlaws 1945
Gentlemen with Guns 1946
Ghost of Hidden Valley 1946
Outlaw of the Plains 1946
Overland Riders 1946
Prairie Badmen 1946
Swamp Fire 1946
Terrors on Horseback 1946
Code of the Plains 1947
Last of the Redmen 1947
The Sea Hound 1947
Caged Fury 1948
Captive Girl 1950
Pirates of the High Seas 1950
King of the Congo 1952
Planet Outlaws 1953
Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion 1955
Gun Brothers 1956
The Lawless Eighties 1957
Badman's Country 1958
Gunfighters of Abilene 1960
Arizona Raiders 1965
The Bounty Killer 1965
Swim Team 1979
Alien Dead 1980
The Comeback Trail 1982

Charles Middleton

Born: Oct 3, 1874 - Elizabethtown, KY - Died: Apr 22, 1949 - Los Angeles, CA

To six decades' worth of filmgoers, Kentucky-born character actor Charles B. Middleton was Ming the Merciless, the megalomaniac ruler of the planet Mongo in three 1930s serials based on Alex Raymond's comic strip Flash Gordon. Beginning his career in circuses and carnivals in the South, Middleton worked in vaudeville and stock companies before his 1927 entree into films. With his hatchet face, bad teeth and rolling-toned voice, Middleton was ideally cast as stern judges, cruel orphanage officials, backwater sheriffs and small-town bigots. Outside of his extensive work in serials and westerns, he was used to best advantage in the films of Laurel and Hardy and Will Rogers. In a far less villainous vein, Charles Middleton was cast as Tom Lincoln, father of the 16th president, in Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940); he also portrayed the Great Emancipator himself on several occasions, while in 1937's Stand-In, Middleton was hilariously cast as an unsuccessful actor who dresses like Lincoln in hopes of landing a movie role.

Wits vs. Wits 1920
The $1,000,000 Reward 1920
Serum of Evil 1922
Always Faithful 1929
Show Boat 1929
Bellamy Trial 1929
The Far Call 1929
Welcome Danger 1929
Beau Bandit 1930
A Dangerous Affair 1930
East Is West 1930
Way out West 1930
The Devil's Cabinet 1931
Alexander Hamilton 1931
An American Tragedy 1931
Beau Hunks 1931
Caught Plastered 1931
A House Divided 1931
Manhattan Parade 1931
Miracle Woman 1931
Palmy Days 1931
Safe in Hell 1931
Ships of Hate 1931
Sob Sister 1931
Mystery Ranch 1932
The Hatchet Man 1932
Hell's Highway 1932
Breach of Promise 1932
High Pressure 1932
I Am a Fugitive from A Chain Gang 1932
Mystery Ranch 1932
Pack up Your Troubles 1932
The Phantom President 1932
The Sign of the Cross 1932
Silver Dollar 1932
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain 1932
Too Busy to Work 1932
Big Executive 1933
The Bowery 1933
Destination Unknown 1933
The World Changes 1933
Mr. Skitch 1933
Rockabye 1933
The Road is Open Again 1933
Disgraced 1933
Doctor Bull 1933
Duck Soup 1933
Pick-Up 1933
Sunset Pass 1933
This Day and Age 1933
Tomorrow at Seven 1933
White Woman 1933
Mystic Hour 1933
Broadway Bill 1934
David Harum 1934
The Last Round-Up 1934
Lone Cowboy 1934
Massacre 1934
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1934
Private Scandal 1934
Murder at the Vanities 1934
Nana 1934
The St. Louis Kid 1934
When Strangers Meet 1934
Whom the Gods Destroy 1934
Party Wire 1935
The Fixer Uppers 1935
The Virginia Judge 1935
Behold My Wife 1935
The County Chairman 1935
Frisco Kid 1935
Sunset of Power 1935
Hopalong Cassidy 1935
In Spite of Danger 1935
The Miracle Rider 1935
Red Morning 1935
Special Agent 1935
Square Shooter 1935
Steamboat Round the Bend 1935
Career Woman 1936
Flash Gordon 1936
Jail Break 1936
Ramona 1936
Road Gang 1936
Rocketship 1936
Show Boat 1936
A Son Comes Home 1936
Song of the Saddle 1936
The Texas Rangers 1936
Rose of the Rancho 1936
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936
Wedding Present 1936
Empty Saddles 1936
The Good Earth 1937
Hollywood Cowboy 1937
Stand-In 1937
The Man Without a Country 1937
The Last Train from Madrid 1937
Slave Ship 1937
Souls at Sea 1937
Two Gun Law 1937
We're on the Jury 1937
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge 1937
Dick Tracy Returns 1938
Flaming Frontiers 1938
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars 1938
Kentucky 1938
Law West of Tombstone 1938
Jezebel 1938
Rascals 1938
Strange Case of Dr. Meade 1938
Mars Attacks the World 1938
Strange Faces 1938
$1,000 a Touchdown 1939
Allegheny Uprising 1939
Blackmail 1939
Captain Fury 1939
The Cowboys from Texas 1939
Daredevils of the Red Circle 1939
The Flying Deuces 1939
Jesse James 1939
The Oklahoma Kid 1939
Thou Shalt Not Kill 1939
Way Down South 1939
Oklahoma Kid 1939
One Against the World 1939
Wyoming Outlaw 1939
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise 1940
Chad Hanna 1940
Women in Hiding 1940
Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 1940
Gold Rush Maisie 1940
The Grapes of Wrath 1940
Island of Doomed Men 1940
Rangers of Fortune 1940
Santa Fe Trail 1940
Shooting High 1940
Brigham Young - Frontiersman 1940
Virginia City 1940
Jungle Man 1941
Shepherd of the Hills 1941
Western Union 1941
Wild Bill Hickok Rides 1941
Sergeant York 1941
Western Union 1941
Ride, Kelly, Ride 1941
Stick to Your Guns 1941
Belle Starr 1941
Wild Geese Calling 1941
Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die 1942
Perils of Nyoka 1942
Sing Your Worries Away 1942
Men of San Quentin 1942
Mystery of Marie Roget 1942
Oklahoma Outlaws 1943
Wagon Wheels West 1943
Boobs in the Night 1943
Spook Louder 1943
The Batman 1943
The Black Raven 1943
Hangmen Also Die 1943
Two Weeks to Live 1943
Desert Hawk 1944
Black Arrow 1944
Kismet 1944
The Town Went Wild 1944
Captain Kidd 1945
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 1945
Northwest Trail 1945
Who's Guilty? 1945
How Do ooo You Do? 1945
The Killers 1946
Spook Busters 1946
Strangler from the Swamp 1946
The Pretender 1947
Road to Rio 1947
Sea of Grass 1947
Unconquered 1947
Welcome Stranger 1947
Wyoming 1947
Jack Armstrong 1948
Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' 1948
Jiggs and Maggie in Court 1948
Station West 1948
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948
Here Comes Trouble 1948
My Girl Tisa 1948
Last Bandit 1949

Frank Shannon

Born:  July 27, 1874, Ireland  Died: February 1, 1959 Hollywood, CA

Prisoner of Zenda 1913
Perjury 1921
Boomerang Bill 1922
Bride's Play 1922
Icebound 1924
Monsieur Beaucaire 1924
Rasputin and the Empress 1932
Woman in the DArk 1934
G-Men 1935
Men without Names 1935
The Pace That Kills 1935
Road Gang 1936
Anthony Adverse 1936
The Murder of Dr. Harrigan 1936
Black Gold 1936
The Eagle's Brood 1936
End of the Trail 1936
Flash Gordon 1936
Prisoner of Shark Island 1936
Texas Rangers 1936
The Adventurous Blonde 1937
The Affairs of Cappy Ricks 1937
Mannequin 1937
Ever Since Eve 1937
Outlaws of the Prairie 1937
Accidents Will Happen 1938
Blondes at Work 1938
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars 1938
Holiday 1938
Mars Attacks the World 1938
Torchy Gets Her Man 1938
Torchy Blane in Panama 1938
You Can't Take It with You 1938
The Night of Nights 1939
Torchy Plays with Dynamite 1939
Torchy Runs for Mayor 1939
Torchy Blane in Chinatown 1939
Union Pacific 1939
Emergency Squad 1940
A Dispatch from Reuters 1940
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 1940
The Return of Frank James 1940
Wildcat Bus 1940
Federal Fugitives 1941
Rage in Heaven 1941
Rawhide Rangers 1941
Unfinished Business 1941
Ten Gentlemen from West Point 1942
Reap the wild Wind 1942
The Batman 1943
The Iron Major 1943
The Phantom 1943
Crack-Up 1946

Jean Rogers

Born Eleanor Lovegren on Mar 25, 1916 - Belmont, MA

Died Feb 24, 1991 - Sherman Oaks CA

Blonde, wide-eyed film ingenue Jean Rogers came to Hollywood on the strength of a beauty contest. She rose to stardom as the fetchingly underdressed, ever-imperiled Dale Arden in the popular Universal serial Flash Gordon (1936). She was also costarred in the second Gordon serial, as well as such chapter plays as Ace Drummond (1935) and The Adventures of Frank Merriwell (1936). From Universal, Jean moved on to 20th Century-Fox, where she was starred in a series of enjoyable B pictures, the best of which (though not her personal favorite) was Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence (1939). She appeared in supporting parts in several MGM films of the 1940s, then freelanced in independent productions. Jean Rogers retired from show business in 1951 upon her marriage to a successful actors' agent.

Eight Girls in a Boat 1934
Manhattan Moon 1935
Stormy 1935
The Great Air Mystery 1935
Ace Drummond 1936
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell 1936
Don't Get Personal 1936
Flash Gordon 1936
My Man Godfrey 1936
Two in a Crowd 1936
Mysterious Crossing 1937
Night Key 1937
Reported Missing 1937
When Love Is Young 1937
The Wildcatter 1937
Always in Trouble 1938
Time out for Murder 1938
While New York Sleeps 1938
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence 1939
Hotel for Women 1939
Inside Story 1939
Stop, Look, and Love 1939
Brigham Young - Frontiersman 1940
Charlie Chan in Panama 1940
Let's Make Music 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk 1940
Viva Cisco Kid 1940
Yesterday's Heroes 1940
Design for Scandal 1941
Dr. Kildare's Victory 1941
Pacific Rendezvous 1942
Sunday Punch 1942
The War Against Mrs. Hadley 1942
A Stranger in Town 1943
Swing Shift Maisie 1943
Whistling in Brooklyn 1943
Rough, Tough and Ready 1945
Strange Mr. Gregory 1945
Gay Blades 1946
Hot Cargo 1946
Fighting Back 1948
Speed to Spare 1948
Second Woman 1951

Richard Alexander

Born: November 19, 1902 - Dallas, TX -  Died: August 9, 1989 - Woodland Hills, CA

Though he started in films around 1924, beefy American character actor Richard Alexander was regarded in studio press releases as a comparative newcomer when he was cast in the 1930 antiwar classic All Quiet on the Western Front. Alexander played Westhus, who early in the film orders novice soldier Lew Ayres to get out of his bunk. After this promising assignment, Alexander was soon consigned to bit parts, usually in roles calling for dumb brute strength; for example, Alexander is the bouncer at the violent Geneva "peace conference" in Wheeler and Woolsey's Diplomaniacs (33). Though familiar for his dozens of villainous roles in westerns, Alexander is best known for his kindly interpretation of the noble Prince Barin in the Flash Gordon serials of the 1930s. Towards the end of his career, Richard Alexander became active with the executive board of the Screen Actors Guild, representing Hollywood extras.

Old Ironsides 1926
The Fightin' Come Back 1927
Anne Laurie 1927
The Leopard Lady 1928
Marlie the Killer 1029
Virgin Lips 1928
Mysterious Lady 1928
Sin Sister 1929
Rio Rita 1929
The Viking 1929
The Godless Girl 1929
The Lone Star Ranger 1930
City Girl 1930
All Quiet on the Western Front 1930
See America Thirst 1930
The Laughback 1930
Are You There? 1930
Rough Waters 1930
The Front Page 1931
A House Divided 1931
Law of the Tong 1931
Shanghaied Love 1931
Hurricane Horseman 1931
Young Donovan's Kid 1931
One-Man Law 1932
Sunset Trail 1932
Scarlet Dawn 1932
One Man Law 1932
Love Bound 1932
Law and Order 1932
Two-Fisted Law 1932
Skyscraper Souls 1932
Daring Danger 1932
The Sundown Rider 1932
The Sign of the Cross 1932
Texas Bad Man 1932
Fighting Code 1933
Queen Christina 1933
Below the Sea 1933
Destination Unknown 1933
Diplomaniacs 1933
Roman Scandals 1933
Cleopatra 1934
Babes in Toyland 1934
Cowboy Holiday 1934
The Law of the Wild 1934
Fate's Fathead 1934
Them Thar Hills 1934
George White's Scandals 1934
Kentucky Kernels 1934
Scarlet Empress 1934
Sixteen Fathoms Deep 1934
We Live Again 1934
Cowboy and the Bandit 1935
Coyote Trails 1935
Freckles 1935
Rumba 1935
She Gets Her Man 1935
Born to Battle 1935
The Miracle Rider 1935
She Gets Her Man 1935
The Fighting Marines 1935
Riding Wild 1935
Fighting Shadows 1935
Romance in Manhattan 1935
The Unconquered Bandit 1935
Tale of Two Cities 1935
Flash Gordon 1936
Modern Times 1936
Silly Billies 1936
Story of Louis Pasteur 1936
Love on the Run 1936
The Big Broadcast of 1936 1936
Everyman's Law 1936
Follow the Fleet 1936
Drift Fence 1936
Dangerous Waters 1936
Roaring Guns 1936
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand 1936
Wild Brian Kent 1936
The Feud of the Trail 1937
Think Fast, Mr. Moto 1937
The Big Shot 1937
Outcast 1937
Zorro Rides Again 1937
Mystery Range 1937
Outlaws of the Prairie 1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff 1937
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars 1938
Marie Antoinette 1938
The Mysterious Rider 1938
Where the West Begins 1938
The Adventures of Marco Polo 1938
Six Shootin' Sheriff 1938
Where the Buffalo Roam 1938
Mars Attacks the World 1938
Santa Fe Stampede 1938
The Storm 1938
Charlie Chan in Honolulu 1938
Renfrew on the Great White Trail 1938
Frontier Marshal 1939
Kansas Terrors 1939
Destry Rides Again 1939
Tower of London 1939
Union Pacific 1939
Death Rides the Range 1940
The Great Dictator 1940
Covered Wagon Days 1940
Dark Command 1940
XXX Medico 1940
Man from Montana 1941
Badlands of Dakota 1941
Sea Raiders 1941
Riders of Death Valley 1941
The Iron Claw 1941
Boss of Bullion City 1940
Wyoming 1940
Double Trouble 1941
In the Navy 1941
The Lady from Cheyenne 1941
Paris Calling 1941
The Ghost of Frankenstein 1942
Reap the Wild Wind 1942
Gang Busters 1942
S.O.S. Coast Guard 1942
In Old California 1942
We Were Dancing 1942
Code of the Outlaw 1942
Lady in a Jam 1942
Romance on the Range 1942
King of the Cowboys 1943
The Return of the Rangers 1943
Du Barry Was a Lady 1943
Gunsmoke Mesa 1944
Lost in a Harem 1944
Oklahoma Raiders 1944
Raiders of the Border 1944
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 1944
Call of the South Seas 1944
Boss of Boomtown 1944
Man from Frisco 1944
The Princess and the Pirate 1944
Trigger Trail 1944
Riders of the Santa Fe 1944
Spook Town 1944
Storm over Lisbon 1944
I Was a Criminal 1945
Renegades of the Rio Grande 1945
The Royal Mounted Rides Again 1945
The Master Key 1945
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous 1945
Abbott and Costello in Hollywood 1945
Riders of the Dawn 1945
Flaming Bullets 1945
His Brother's Ghost 1945
The House of Fear 1945
Salome Where She Danced 1945
Senorita from the West 1945
Spook Busters 1946
'Neath Canadian Skies 1946
North of the Border 1946
Canyon Passage 1946
A Night in Paradise 1946
Jesse James Rides Again 1947
Unconquered 1947
Louisiana 1947
The Marauders 1947
Northwest Outpost 1947
Song of Scheherazade 1947
Hellfire 1948
Joan of Arc 1948
The Dead Don't Dream 1948
Loaded Pistols 1948
False Paradise 1948
Silent Conflict 1948
Silver River 1948
Southern Yankee 1948
Big Jack 1949
Lust for Gold 1949
Rimfire 1949
Cargo to Capetown 1950
Father of the Bride 1950
Across the Badlands 1950
One Too Many 1950
Silver Canyon 1951
Night Stage to Galveston 1952
Woman of the North Country 1952
South Sea woman 1953
Dangerous When Wet 1953
Pack Train 1953
A Perilous Journey 1953
So Big 1953
Trade Tom of the China Seas 1954
The Long, Long Trailer 1954
King of the Carnival 1955
Flagpole Jitters 1956
Flesh and the Spur 1957
Les Girls 1957
The Big Country 1958
Alias Jesse James 1959
Zorro Rides Again 1959
Great Race 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter 1965
Target:  Sea of China 1966

Priscilla Lawson

Born: Mar 8, 1914 - Indianapolis, IN Died: August 27, 1958 Los Angeles, CA

Great Impersonation 1935
His Night Out 1935
Don't Get Personal 1936
Flash Gordon 1936
Sutter's Gold 1936
Double Wedding 1937
Internes Can't Take Money 1937
King of Gamblers 1937
The Last Gangster 1937
Arsene Lupin Returns 1938
The First Hundred Years 1938
Girl of the Golden West 1938
Girl Downstairs 1938
Heroes of the Hills 1938
Rose Bowl 1936
The Phantom Rider 1936
Dangerous Waters 1936
College Holiday 1936
The Accusing Finger 1936
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars 1938
Test Pilot 1938
Three Loves Has Nancy 1938
Three Comrades 1938
The Toy Wife 1938
The Women 1939
Billy the Kid 1941

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