I've expanded my site with one more page. It still isn't much too look at, but we have goodies. (Actually just one, but there could be more)

sfc2ctrl (v1.0): ActiveX code component for VB developers. While it is possible to use the OLE interface directly from VB, this DLL will NOT start Creatures2 if it isn't running.

In certain circumstances that behavior is desirable -- I prefer it. I've found that sometimes if I have the OLE interface automatically start up Creatures, I get it with an empty world (all my creatures were gone).

If you want Creatures2 to start automatically, this isn't for you.

Anyway, I've included a sample program to demonstrate how to use it. I have issued the commands to get the large scripts that cause the DDE interface to crash the game without any problems.

Before using it, simply type: regsvr32 sfc2ctrl.dll
This command will let VB know where to find the DLL. It will then appear in the list under Project->References in VB.

If you have trouble with it, you can always send me some e-mail and I'll try to help

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Last Updated: 12 Feb 99