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Sorry folks, my creatures page isn't much to look at now, give me a little time and I'll spruce it up for you.

Here are the goodies you a probably looking for:
Development Tools


GhostBuster (v1.0): Get rid of those norns who have died but continue to haunt Albia, floating across your screen.


NOTE: These are all FREE, full versions -- no registration fees -- not crippleware.

RunCAOS (v2.0): Run CAOS scripts from the command line without having to create a COB! Includes a couple of sample scripts.
Now supports command line options for passing arguments to the scripts, including the NAME of the creature you want the script to execute against.

NornPort (v1.0): Transport your creatures anywhere you like with this utility. Simply click on the creature of your choice and then set the new X and Y coordinates for it, either by number of from the name of the place.
Some locations are predefined (like GeneSplicer pads 1 and 2). You can also add your own favorites.
Requires VB5 Runtime.

WolfCtrl (v1.0): Set parameters for your Wolfling/Feral runs. Includes features such as:

  • Automatically name new creatures by generation.
  • Report every creature's most pressing drive.
  • Report the status and health of all the creatures.
  • Optionally remove creatures automatically, based on your criteria (LowATP, under water, etc.)
  • Automatically or manually restart ANY egg (including those in from the splicer).

  • Plus much more.
    Requires VB5 Runtime.

    (Not so Dangerous) Creatures I've Bred

    Never, never, never put your daughter in The Gene Splicer with a bee
    (no matter how cute the result is):

    And don't put your son in the splicer with Billy Bob Thornton:
    Some folks call it a kaiser blade,
    I call it a sling blade

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    Last Updated: 12 Feb 99