A 20th Century Buddha



One Beautiful Warrior
Existing among the masses of sleeping humans.
His words & deeds are none but noble & wise.

How genuine his love,
How deep his passions,
How great his understanding of those who are blinded by Maya.

How lucky am I to have the voice of wisdom flowing in my mind like the songs of old.
How sacred the love that fills my heart.
How powerful the force that fills my being.

How vivid the flowers,
How blue the sky,
How alive the trees when we are filled by the light that shines through him.
Like the sun,
Bringing forth life from the seeds of existence within us.

Even with these gifts he has bestowed upon us on this dreaming earth,
We still remain aloof to the magical marvels he selflessly gives.
His helping hands are reaching out to all who desire to know the God within.

* * *
This poem is dedicated to Rama.
Thank You for being a Most Awesome Teacher and for Gracing my life with Your Presence.
You taught me so many things about Life and especially about Love.
Thank You for expanding my consciousness and illuminating my life!

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