NYS CoRR Platform

Nov. 6, 2007

Dear friend of Justice,

We are part of The NYS Coalition for Rehabilitation and Reentry, which  includes more than thirty-three justice advocacy groups spread across New York State. Their common platform has twelve components that are listed below.  For further information on any component, click the “info” for that component.

You can pick any of the twelve components, anytime, and click "support" for that component, and we will help you to send a supporting email to key NYS legislators on your selected component.


Fair and Equal Justice for All

1.   Expanded Pre-Trial Services info support
2.   Fair Representation    
         a) Independent Public Defense Commission info support
         b) Fair Legislative Representation info support


3.   Education / training of the incarcerated info support


4.   Repeal/reform of the NYS drug laws info support 
5.  Treatment/transformation programs info support
6.   Prison health services info support
        a) Elderly and Sick Incarcerated Persons info support

Rehabilitation Incentives

7.   Merit time for most of the incarcerated info support

Transitional Services

8.   Work release for most of the incarcerated info support
9.   Fair parole policies and practice info support
10. Reentry services info support
11. Family services info support
12. The LifeLine program info support

We suggest that you select "support" for one component now, and experiment with sending a supporting email.


Help us to spread the word about this campaign, to generate hundreds of supportive letters, emails, and fax
in the coming months.

A summary of all 12 planks can be found at Summary

Please indicate your support of this platform by signing the Petition.

                                                                                            NYS CoRR

To find out who your NY District Assembly member is, and that email or fax address, click:

NY Assemblymember

To find out who your NY District Senator is, and that email or fax address, click:

NY Senator

To send your message to your legislator in a postal letter, send it to the Legislative Office Building (LOB) Albany, NY,
 Zip 12247 for Senators and 12248 for Assembly members.

To contact DOCS, write to Bldg 2, 1220 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12226-2050

To contact Parole, write to 97 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12206