A Restorative Platform
of the

NYS Coalition for Rehabilitation and Reentry


Most religious, ethical-culture and social developments call for restorative justice, but only if there is convincing correction and rehabilitation. In this light, we offer a five-area platform (with twelve planks) for increased restorative practice in our NYS criminal justice system.


A primary goal of the entire restorative platform is the provision of tools and infrastructure that increase chances for the successful reentry of formerly incarcerated persons back into society, with their employability at decent work for a decent living



B. KNOWLEDGE for employability; decent work yielding economic self-sufficiency

C. Health in body, mind, and spirit; TRANSFORMATION, the underpinnings of recovery.

D. Rehabilitation Incentives  to encourage and motivate a sometimes nearly-impossible recovery.

        7. Merit time for most incarcerated persons; conditioned upon completion of a rehabilitation plan for a reentry process that begins at the time of conviction, and a demonstration of evident rehabilitation.


E. Transitional Services; community help along the road to a productive life.

        8. Work release for most incarcerated persons.

        9. Fair parole policies and practice: recognizing rehabilitation progress; modern risk assessment technology.

        10. Transitional reentry-support,  in partnership with communities; mentoring; step-down facilities.

        11. Family support;  policies and practice.        

        12. The LifeLine program; using formerly incarcerated lifers to aid those incarcerated.



The ultimate objectives of this strategy are fourfold:
                more  productive and satisfying lives,
                less future crime, 
                less future taxpayer expense, and
                a more productive society.


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Sample letters (or emails) in support of each plank are available.


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