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Family Services

Issue Summary.

Entire families suffer from the incarceration of any family member;  restorative justice calls for their further consideration.

Coalition Position.


Tens of thousands of NYS children miss the daily love, instruction, and guidance of a parent who is in a NYS prison, and their development as full citizens is jeopardized.

Children of incarcerated persons are at risk, and have a higher probability of emotional distress, failure in school, and conflict with the law. Counteracting this exposure, investment in preserving strong family bonds can reduce the probabilities of later youth-breakdowns, drug use, crime and incarceration costs.

Strong family ties also encourage rehabilitation and help to reduce recidivism of the parents who are incarcerated.

Communities then benefit from improved public safety, and families are better able to contribute and prosper, when incarcerated persons return to communities with strong family bonds.

It is therefore an obligation to take opportunities to strengthen family bonds, avoid family breakdown and help to save these children.


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