gcc as lint

One of the better tools that I have found for picking up a large variety of potential bugs is gcc when invoked with the right flags. The flags I prefer to use are:

There are other options that you may or may not wish to use. In particular, the -Wcast-qual and -Wwrite-strings are useful if you are starting a project from scratch, and are willing to add const to your function prototypes. -Wtraditional is useful if you are going to have to port to systems for which no ANSI compiler is available.

One problem that arises is that to use non-ANSI features and still compile cleanly with gcc, we have to do a little extra work. For instance, using alloca() will cause gcc to report a bunch of warnings. So, we modify xmemory.h as follows:

	#if( __GNUC__ )
	  #define alloca(x)	__builtin_alloca(x)

This modification causes gcc to quietly compile programs that use alloca().

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