Stretch/Harvest Reunion - Book Questionnaire

The reunion book will be printed on or before September 27, 2002 and will be available for all alumni(ae) and friends, whether or not they attend the reunion. The book will be about Stretch and us - where we came from, what we did on Stretch, where we went later on.

Eric Knutsen will edit, compile, and publish the book. Please use the brief questionnaire below to tell your story. When you have finished, send your response to Eric at as email text or as an attachment in MS Word, WordPerfect or Word for Macintosh.

The book also needs images such as photos of you and your family, then and now, and other images of historic interest. Please mail photos and other images to Eric (surface mail, not electronic mail), with identification of all people shown. He will return your images in good condition. Eric's USPS mail address is 7 Pell Place/Riverside, CT 06878-1909.

A. About you and your family ...

A1 Your name _____________ Spouse's name _______________

A2 Your place and date of birth

A3 Education (degrees, fields of study)

A4 Number of children

A5 Number of grandchildren

B. Stretch/Harvest (hereafter, "Stretch") and you ...

B1 What were you doing immediately prior to working on Stretch? (e.g., job, school, military)

B2 Who hired you into the Stretch project?

B3 Which location? (e.g., Poughkeepsie, Los Alamos, Aldermaston, etc.)
What kind of work? (e.g., Engineering, Software, Management, etc.)
Organization? (IBM, LASL, AWRE, Naval Weapons Lab, Mitre, Weather Bureau, etc.)
Length of employment there? First Year ____ Last Year ____ Still there ___

B4 What were your principal roles, duties on Stretch?

B5 Your manager(s)?

B6 How long on Stretch? First Year ____ Last Year ____

B7 Your worthiest Stretch accomplishment(s)?

B8 Fond and/or vivid memories of persons, events?

B9 Personal anecdote(s)?

C. After Stretch ...

C1 What did you do after Stretch? Later in life?

C2 What impact, if any, did the Stretch experience have on you and your life's trajectory?

C3 Honors, awards, boards, publications, etc.?

C4 Present activities and interests?

C5 Anything else you'd like to tell us?

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