Stretch/Harvest News Group

Purpose of the Stretch-Harvest News Group

To tell stories that did not get in to the reunion book. These are the stories you thought of after you sent in your questionnaire response, or after you read other people's stories in the reunion book, or after seeing and talking with friends at the reunion.

Since the news group messages are archived permanently, more or less, this is a way to record stories for posterity, more or less.

How to Set Up a Yahoo Account

In order to read messages on the newsgroup, to receive (as email notes) messages sent to the newsgroup, and/or to send messages to the newgroup, you have to have an account on Yahoo. Don't worry: getting an account is easy, and it is free, and you can opt out of receiving advertisements.

From your browser go to

To create a new Yahoo account, under 'Sign In - New Users' click on 'Click here to register'.

You will be asked to choose a user name and password and to specify some other parameters.

Be sure to click off the box for: 'Send me special offers from selected Yahoo! partners through Yahoo! Delivers.'

How to Subscribe to a News Group

From your browser go to

Under 'Join a Group' enter 'Stretch_Harvest' or 'stretch_harvest'. (NB: underscore, not hyphen.) Click on Search.

Click on 'stretch_harvest'.

On the line 'Not a member?', click on 'Join This Group!'.

Here are the options I was then asked to select:

  Yahoo! Profile  
    This profile will be used to identify you when you access the group's Web features.
    wwcollier (Add new profile)  
  Email Address - Choose the email address that you would like group messages sent to.
      (Add new email address)  
  Message Delivery  
x   Individual emails.  Send individual email messages.  
    Daily digest.  Send many emails in one message.  
    Special notices.  Only send me important update emails from the group moderator.  
    No email.  Don't send me email, I'll read the messages at the Web site.  
  Message Format  
x   Convert to HTML.  Convert plain-text messages sent to me to HTML.  
    Do not convert to HTML.  Don't change the format of messages sent to me.  
      Note: The HTML format allow you to see colors and graphics in your messages.  
I have only one Yahoo profile, so there was no choice there.

I have a forwarding address and a real address. My initial messages were all rejected, because they did not come from (which of course is impossible), so now I have selected

I want to see hyperlinks in color, so I chose HTML.

Now click 'Join'.

A few minutes later you will receive an email from Yahoo, containing a verification code. Click on the link in the email and go to a page where you enter the verification code and your Yahoo password. Click on '___' and you are finished.

You will receive an email from Yahoo telling you that you have joined the Stretch_Harvest news group.

Now you will receive, as email notes, all messages which others post to the news group.

How to Post a Message to the News Group

Once you have joined the news group, you can send a note to everyone else who has joined the news group by sending an email note to:

How to Unsubscribe from the News Group

Send an email note to It is that simple.

How To Do Other Stuff

From your browser go to

Under 'Registered Users' click on 'Sign In!'.

Fill in user name and password under 'Enter your ID and password to sign in'.

Now you can set/modify all sorts of parameters for your account.

Other Stuff You May Want/Have to Know

The Owner and Moderator of the Stretch_Harvest news group is Jim Andrada (

I have written these directions with the intention that they be absolutely clear and simple to use. At this early stage that may be more the goal than the achievement. Please let me know the problems you are experiencing so that I can correct and expand these directions.

Bill Collier
Jim Andrada

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Last updated October 10, 2002.