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The Stretch-Harvest Reunion was held on September 28-29 in Poughkeepsie, NY. It was a wonderful event, which many of us wish had continued into early October. The website as it existed at that time is preserved at Reunion Archive.

Eric Knutsen has exactly four mugs left (as of Nov. 22). They are $10 each. Reunion books are $25 each. Additional books can be easily printed. (Both prices include packaging and shipping.) Make checks payable to Eric Knutsen, or tel: 203.637.9956, and mail to 7 Pell Place, Riverside, CT 06878-1909.

The Computer History Museum curator, Dag Spicer, recorded reunion events with a video camcorder, along with brief one-on-one interviews with many of the attending alumni. Dag is producing a reunion CD-ROM containing both historical and reunion documents and photos. It will be available to all Stretch/Harvest Alums whether or not they attended the reunion. The price of the CD-ROM has not yet been decided, but it will probably fall in the $10-$20 range. The Museum expects to ship the CD-ROM's early in 2003.

There were a lot of photos taken at the reunion. The only one to get his photos onto the web yet (as far as I know) is John Carter. If you have put photos of the reunion on the web, let me know the web address and I will add it to the list below.

John Carter

The contact list has been updated since the reunion and will be kept up to date in the future. Please keep us informed about the status and location of yourselves and your fellow alums.

I tried to record where people fit into the various organizations in orgchart.html, but in many cases I could only guess and I am certain that a lot of guesses were wrong. Please take a moment to verify the info for yourself and your friends.

The Stretch-Harvest News Group has had only a handful of people sign up. This could be a lot of fun and a great way of keeping in touch if more people join.

Several good stories have been received since the reunion and have been posted to the news group. Unfortunately, since so few have signed up for the news group, not many have heard the stories. To remedy this situation (and also, regrettably, to undercut the motivation to join the newsgroup), I am going to post the stories here on the web site. See Stories.

If you want to try your hand at searching for other alums, see howtosearch.html for tips on how to go about it.

If we missed you in time for you to send in a questionnaire for the reunion book, we apologize. However, you can still fill out the Questionnaire. and send the completed form either to the newsgroup or to me. In either case I will include it in Stories.

If you let me know about additional bibliographic references, either hard or soft, I will add them to the Stretch-Harvest Bibliography.

Bill Collier

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