Stats on everyone (workers,spouses, others)
who definitely or possibly will attend the reunion.

 157  Count of all people planning to attend the reunion.
     92  Count of workers attending reunion.
     54  Count of spouses attending reunion.
     11  Count of others  attending reunion.

   5  Count of people who may attend the reunion.
      3  Count of workers who may attend reunion.
      2  Count of spouses who may attend reunion.
      0  Count of others  who may attend reunion.

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 Error#56: Entry for org  historian not worker, or spouse, or other.
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  Stats on just the people who once worked on Stretch/Harvest.

 396  Count of former workers identified so far.
    291  Count of former workers who have been found.
       256  Count of found workers who are alive.
           92  Count of workers attending reunion.
            3  Count of workers who may attend.
          104  Count of workers not attending.
           57  Count of workers undecided.
        35  Count of deceased workers whose families have been found.
            4  Count of family members attending reunion.
            2  Count of family members who may attend.
           18  Count of family members not attending.
           11  Count of family members undecided.
    105  Count of former workers who are still missing.
        10  Count of missing workers who are alive.
        38  Count of missing workers who are deceased.
        57  Count of missing workers whose status is unknown.


  Here are the names of everyone we know of who worked on Stretch/Harvest
sorted by the (first? primary?) organization in which they worked.

  Names and organizations were extracted from the CONTACT.HTML file.

  There are significant gaps visible here.  If you can help to sort people into
the proper groups, please let me know at

  The intent is that the first field should show the geographical location, the
second field should show the type of organization (mostly engineering or
programming), and the third should show the specific department or area, but this
is not chiseled in stone.

  Individuals and organizations, sorted by organization.

               Lewis(?) "Bud" Allen  org  ?
                      Charley Blust  org  ?
                      Harry Carlson  org  ?
                       Gil Conforti  org  ?
                   John K. Crawford  org  ?
                     Stan Dickstein  org  ?
                          Allen Fox  org  ?
                       Abe M. Gindi  org  ?
                      Steve Grissof  org  ?
          William E. "Bill" Harding  org  ?
                          Joe Harry  org  ?
               Ruth (Norby) Hensley  org  ?
                       Cullen Inman  org  ?
                        Norm Ireton  org  ?
                       John H. Lind  org  ?
                          John Lyon  org  ?
               Charles E. Mackenzie  org  ?
                 Melvin R. Marshall  org  ?
                          Ed Morris  org  ?
                       Brian Munday  org  ?
                      James Painter  org  ?
           Olney Robert "Bob" Perry  org  ?
                  Michael J. Reilly  org  ?
          Donald P. "Don" Rozenberg  org  ?
                       George Swift  org  ?
                Leonard H. Thompson  org  ?
                    John Wierzbicki  org  ?
                       Denis Atwood  org  aldermaston
       Mansford E. "Mance" Drummond  org  aldermaston
                         Joy Elliot  org  aldermaston
                       Alec Glennie  org  aldermaston
                         Peter Neil  org  aldermaston
                      J. J. Ekstrom  org  Brigham Young University
                          Bill Ivie  org  Brigham Young University
                         Drew Major  org  Brigham Young University
                        John Barlow  org  dahlgren
                    Martin Culpeper  org  dahlgren
                     Dave Jefferson  org  dahlgren
                   Hermon W. Thombs  org  dahlgren
              Ralph E. Pickett, Jr.  org  hartford applied science rep at United Aircraft.
                       Richard Bond  org  harvest operations planning
                       Jeremy Clark  org  historian
             James W. "Jim" Cortada  org  historian
                   Anne Fitzpatrick  org  historian
                   Paul C. Lasewicz  org  historian
                       Emerson Pugh  org  historian
                         Eric Smith  org  historian
                    Mark Smotherman  org  historian
                         Dag Spicer  org  historian
                     Michael Walton  org  historian
                Dr. Jeffrey R. Yost  org  historian
                   Edward V. Hofler  org  kgn engr
                         Leo Notari  org  kgn engr product assurance
                 Chester P. Baccari  org  kgn engr product engineering
                 Robert Rockefeller  org  kgn engr product engineering
           Francis A. "Frank" Burud  org  kgn Stretch Product Engineering
                Donald A. Patterson  org  kgn stretch product engineering
                      Bengt Carlson  org  lasl
                       Glenn Carter  org  lasl
                    Charlie Folkner  org  lasl
                Robert Morris Frank  org  lasl
             Thomas L. "Tom" Jordan  org  lasl
                   Chester S. Kazek  org  lasl
                      Roger Lazarus  org  lasl
                       Grover Lewis  org  lasl
                        Ed Voorhees  org  lasl
                         Dave Woods  org  lasl
                       Jack Worlton  org  lasl
                       Martha Evans  org  lasl DUX
                         Karl Balke  org  lasl prog
                         Norm Hardy  org  lawrence radiation lab
                  Leonard Bachelder  org  mitre
                        Tom Connors  org  mitre
                         Bob Conrod  org  mitre
                         Jan Conrod  org  mitre
              Robert "Bob" Cornelli  org  mitre
                        Grace Hyder  org  mitre
                   John Rosenberger  org  mitre
                         Dick Brown  org  mitre ibm CE 
          William F. O'Connell, Jr.  org  mitre ibm's rep
                         Ed Bensley  org  mitre prog 
                        Dave Thomas  org  mitre; ibm 
                     Donald McGowan  org  mitre?
                         Steve Lohr  org  New York Times
                   John W. Guy, III  org  nsa 
             Richard T. "Ted" Burch  org  nsa harvest
                    J. Paul Menehan  org  nsa harvest
                          Leo Rosen  org  nsa harvest
                      Dwight Ashley  org  nsa harvest data flow model contract
                 Franklin G. Dunham  org  nsa harvest engineer
                Edward "Ed" Sumpter  org  nsa harvest maintenance planning (ARPANET Engineer)
                    Billy J. Cherry  org  nsa harvest operations planning
                   Samuel S. Snyder  org  nsa harvest plantation study contract
                    John L. Taggart  org  nsa harvest plantation study contract
                Joseph "Joe" O'Hara  org  nsa harvest production staff
             James M. "Jim" Willard  org  nsa harvest Project Engineer
                   Roger D. Moulton  org  nsa harvest silo memory contract
                     James Pederson  org  nsa harvest software
                    Dr. Joseph Blum  org  nsa harvest software contract
               Dr. Walter W. Jacobs  org  nsa harvest software contract
                     Thomas B. Lane  org  nsa harvest tractor tape contract
                       Lloyd Harper  org  nsa; then ibm
          William P. "Bill" Heising  org  nyc applied programming
        Richard M. "Dick" Armstrong  org  pok
             Shirley M. Cadwallader  org  pok
                       Tush Collier  org  pok
                  Lewis L. Headrick  org  pok
                Gilbert N. Rousseau  org  pok
         Gerald M. "Jerry" Weinberg  org  pok 
                         Greg Zaubi  org  pok 
                      Gerrit Blaauw  org  pok architecture
                    Elaine M. Boehm  org  pok architecture
                        Fred Brooks  org  pok architecture
                    Werner Buchholz  org  pok architecture
                   Charles A. Allen  org  pok engr
                     Gene M. Amdahl  org  pok engr
                  David W. Anderson  org  pok engr
                Stanley F. Anderson  org  pok engr
                   Ralph J. Bahnsen  org  pok engr
                    Richard Balance  org  pok engr
             Jack D. Barnard (sp ?)  org  pok engr
                        Bill Baskin  org  pok engr
                  Paul H. Baumgarte  org  pok engr
                       Orest Bedrij  org  pok engr
                          Bob Bemer  org  pok engr
                   Frank R. Bielawa  org  pok engr
                        Roger Blanc  org  pok engr
                     Lew Blenderman  org  pok engr
                        Erich Bloch  org  pok engr
                      Cecil Bronson  org  pok engr
                 Joseph Lisle Brown  org  pok engr
                   Wally W. Clauson  org  pok engr
                      Carl J. Conti  org  pok engr
                 Robert J. Domenico  org  pok engr
                     Jules F. Dirac  org  pok engr
                    Charles R. Doty  org  pok engr
                    Bradford Dunham  org  pok engr
             Robert L. "Bob" Eibsen  org  pok engr
          Barlane R. "Ike" Eichbaum  org  pok engr
                Andrew Eschenfelder  org  pok engr
                    John Fairclough  org  pok engr
                    Arthur E. Fitch  org  pok engr
                 Robert P. Fletcher  org  pok engr
                     Ernest D. Foss  org  pok engr
                      Donald Gibson  org  pok engr
                   Peter H. Halpern  org  pok engr
                      Leo Hasbrouck  org  pok engr
                     Merle E. Homan  org  pok engr
                 Lawrence E. Kanter  org  pok engr
                      Peter Klinger  org  pok engr
          Robert C. "Bob" Kuenstner  org  pok engr
             Richard C. "Dick" Lamy  org  pok engr
                      Rolf Landauer  org  pok engr
                   Robert Litwiller  org  pok engr
                    Joseph C. Logue  org  pok engr
                     Bill C. Madden  org  pok engr
                       Julie Mallon  org  pok engr
              Robert M. "Bob" Meade  org  pok engr
                        Dick Merwin  org  pok engr
               Gerald E. Moerschell  org  pok engr
                   George R. Monroe  org  pok engr
                       Fred A. More  org  pok engr
                        John Newman  org  pok engr
                    Robert B. Ormes  org  pok engr
                      Andris Padegs  org  pok engr
                          Max Paley  org  pok engr
                       Ralph Palmer  org  pok engr
                  Robert C. Paulsen  org  pok engr
                      N. K. Perkins  org  pok engr
                        Chet Peters  org  pok engr
                   Donald M. Powers  org  pok engr
                   Paul N. Prentice  org  pok engr
                      Peter Prentky  org  pok engr
                    William R. Rave  org  pok engr
                       Russ Robelen  org  pok engr
                         Ed Rodgers  org  pok engr
                   Dorothy Schnabel  org  pok engr
                    Arthur E. Scott  org  pok engr
                     Elmer M. Sharp  org  pok engr
                    Gordon L. Smith  org  pok engr
                    Ronald M. Smith  org  pok engr
                   William J. Smith  org  pok engr
                  Frank J. Sparacio  org  pok engr
                         Tom Spence  org  pok engr
                     Gwynne Spencer  org  pok engr
         C. Ernest (Ernie) Stephens  org  pok engr
                 William Y. Stevens  org  pok engr
            Kenneth R. "Ken" Strong  org  pok engr
                  William J. Turner  org  pok engr
                       Norbert Vogl  org  pok engr
                     James L. Walsh  org  pok engr
                   George E. Werner  org  pok engr
                    Herbert K. Wild  org  pok engr
                      Jack Williams  org  pok engr
                      Hugh Williams  org  pok engr
                  Leonard F. Winter  org  pok engr
                     Thomas E. Wohr  org  pok engr
                      Bill Wolensky  org  pok engr
                     William Wright  org  pok engr
                         June Young  org  pok engr
                  Lars O. Ulfsparre  org  pok engr bus?
                  Joseph R. Stewart  org  pok engr checker
                Harry J. Reinheimer  org  pok engr checker?
                  Bill Stringfellow  org  pok engr circuit development
                   Michael J. Flynn  org  pok engr circuit technology
       James Douglas "Doug" Calvert  org  pok engr exchange
                     Claud M. Davis  org  pok engr exchange
                  Olin L. MacSorley  org  pok engr floating point unit
             Gerard T. "Gerry" Paul  org  pok engr floating point unit
                     Stan Pitkowsky  org  pok engr floating point unit
                        Peter Bandy  org  pok engr harvest
        Sandford(?) "Sandy" Resnick  org  pok engr Harvest
                     Samuel Schmidt  org  pok engr harvest
                      Jim H. Shelly  org  pok engr harvest
                       Don Streeter  org  pok engr harvest
          Richard E. "Dick" Toepfer  org  pok engr harvest
                      George Cramer  org  pok engr harvest research?
                    Robert T. Blosk  org  pok engr i-box
         C. Richard "Dick" Holleran  org  pok engr i-box
                     Fred E. Jordan  org  pok engr i-box
                 Sydney L. Lindauer  org  pok engr i-box
                 Richard C. Siebold  org  pok engr i-box
                    Edwin B. Pierce  org  pok engr i-box?
                      John R. Kraus  org  pok engr industrial design
                        George Mine  org  pok engr look-ahead unit
                        Wes Stetler  org  pok engr look-ahead unit
                     Hans H. Jensen  org  pok engr machine technology
            Richard R. "Dick" Booth  org  pok engr memory
                       George Bruce  org  pok engr memory
                 Thomas D. Callinan  org  pok engr memory
           Gregory Constantine, Jr.  org  pok engr memory
                  Edwin D. Councill  org  pok engr memory
                  David J. Crawford  org  pok engr memory
                     Erwin K. Dudek  org  pok engr memory
             Maurice A. "Moe" Every  org  pok engr memory
           Robert J. (Bob) Flaherty  org  pok engr memory
                      Philip E. Fox  org  pok engr memory
                M. K. "Mike" Haynes  org  pok engr memory
                William W. Lawrence  org  pok engr memory
                        Carol Neves  org  pok engr memory
                         Fred Neves  org  pok engr memory
                 Ralph S. Partridge  org  pok engr memory
                  Frederick L. Post  org  pok engr memory
                       Sam K. Raker  org  pok engr memory
                        Maureen Ruf  org  pok engr memory
                   Louis A. Russell  org  pok engr memory
                Ernest C. Schuenzel  org  pok engr memory
               Frederick A. Schultz  org  pok engr memory
                    Jack K. Shortle  org  pok engr memory
         Edwin J. "Ed" Slobodzinski  org  pok engr memory
                   Langdon Stallard  org  pok engr memory
                   Joseph H. Widmar  org  pok engr memory
                  Vaughn D. Winkler  org  pok engr memory
                           Vic Witt  org  pok engr memory
                           Leon Wun  org  pok engr memory
                   Hannon S. Yourke  org  pok engr memory
                          Bob Henle  org  pok engr technology
                     Jack W. Wenner  org  pok engr Tractor tape
                       John A. Hipp  org  pok engr vfl
                      Lewis E. King  org  pok engr vfl
                   Stuart G. Tucker  org  pok engr vfl
                    Lloyd P. Hunter  org  pok engr?
                        Russ Elwell  org  pok FE VFL unit; then Kgn; then with machine to LASL.
                  Alphonse Marcotte  org  pok harvest product engineering
                       Steve Behman  org  pok Marketing
                      Sidney Castle  org  pok mfg system test
                   E. F. "Ted" Codd  org  pok product planning
                   Edward W. Coffin  org  pok product planning
                     Jack C. Gibson  org  pok product planning
                   John E. Griffith  org  pok product planning
                    H. Graham Jones  org  pok product planning
                     Harwood Kolsky  org  pok product planning
                    Dura W. Sweeney  org  pok product planning
                   Frances E. Allen  org  pok prog
                      Robert Alston  org  pok prog
                        Leo Bennett  org  pok prog
                  Nelson E. Beverly  org  pok prog
                         Gary Black  org  pok prog
            Vickie (Skwiertz) Blake  org  pok prog
                     Mike Bluestein  org  pok prog
                     Sully Campbell  org  pok prog
          Lawrence J. "Jerry" Cohen  org  pok prog
                          Bill Cohn  org  pok prog
          Annette (Feinberg) Decker  org  pok prog
                    A. Brian Gagnon  org  pok prog
                   George A. Grover  org  pok prog
                        David Hanon  org  pok prog
         Judith A. "Judy" Hetterich  org  pok prog
          Francis E. "Frank" Howley  org  pok prog
                        John Howson  org  pok prog
                   Clarence Johnson  org  pok prog
                    Richard B. Lash  org  pok prog
                   Edwin Lilienborg  org  pok prog
                           Ed Lowry  org  pok prog
                       Jack McBride  org  pok prog
          Robert D. "Bob" McConnell  org  pok prog
          Theresa M. "Terry" Melito  org  pok prog
                Marjorie I. Merritt  org  pok prog
                  Howard Montgomery  org  pok prog
                   Ernest G. Newman  org  pok prog
              Jeanne (Vasilow) Oles  org  pok prog
            Inga (Wais) Pfefferkorn  org  pok prog
                    Stanley G. Reed  org  pok prog
                      Ken Sanderson  org  pok prog
                 David A. Schroeder  org  pok prog
                 Robert J. Skwiertz  org  pok prog
                       Irwin Stoner  org  pok prog
                           Art Tice  org  pok prog
                    Allen L. Walker  org  pok prog
                    Ronald N. Weiss  org  pok prog
           Irene (Gabrielson) Woods  org  pok prog
               Fleming E. Alexander  org  pok prog diagnostics
                   Suzanne C. Bower  org  pok prog diagnostics
                  Clarke B. Dowling  org  pok prog diagnostics
                Kenneth E. Plambeck  org  pok prog diagnostics
                  James H. Pomerene  org  pok prog diagnostics
                 G. Russell Wilmot   org  pok prog diagnostics
                  Michael J. Bailey  org  pok prog fortran
                      Peyton E. Bay  org  pok prog fortran
                        Jack Bishop  org  pok prog fortran
                        John Carter  org  pok prog fortran
                     Bruce Chalmers  org  pok prog fortran
                   Eugene D. Conroy  org  pok prog fortran
                         Hank Dater  org  pok prog fortran
                     David A. Drake  org  pok prog fortran
                        Paul Engler  org  pok prog fortran
            Jean (Senk) Fitzgibbons  org  pok prog fortran
                Herbert W. Flanagan  org  pok prog fortran
                 Arthur S. Friedman  org  pok prog fortran
                     Frank Gagliano  org  pok prog fortran
                  Carl L. Gerberich  org  pok prog fortran
                      Dick Gowetski  org  pok prog fortran
                          Ann Hardy  org  pok prog fortran
                    Joseph T. Harth  org  pok prog fortran
           Harlo (now Frank) Hertel  org  pok prog fortran
                  Joseph M. Kusmiss  org  pok prog fortran
                       Chris Larson  org  pok prog fortran
                Marla Orr MacKenzie  org  pok prog fortran
                  Robert M. Manente  org  pok prog fortran
                           Dick May  org  pok prog fortran
                   Robert L. Miller  org  pok prog fortran
              John F. "Jack" Miller  org  pok prog fortran
                    Albert C. Moore  org  pok prog fortran
                         Larry Moss  org  pok prog fortran
                       Jack Parsons  org  pok prog fortran
                      Sam K. Patton  org  pok prog fortran
                  Larry N. Pumphrey  org  pok prog fortran
                  George H. Schmidt  org  pok prog fortran
                       A. Lee Scott  org  pok prog fortran
                    Charlie Strauss  org  pok prog fortran
                     Sherman Uchill  org  pok prog fortran
              Laura (Adams) Bensley  org  pok prog mcp
                   Turgut Burakreis  org  pok prog mcp
                       Bill Collier  org  pok prog mcp
                       Jack Garrity  org  pok prog mcp
                  Dick Grey (Gray?)  org  pok prog mcp
                      Larry Grodman  org  pok prog mcp
                       Jim Havender  org  pok prog mcp
                    Paul S. Herwitz  org  pok prog mcp
                           Gul Hira  org  pok prog mcp
                   Philip H. Joslin  org  pok prog mcp
                        Roger Kahng  org  pok prog mcp
                    K. Eric Knutsen  org  pok prog mcp
                Alexander E. Kotwas  org  pok prog mcp
                         Walt Leach  org  pok prog mcp
                          Tom Myers  org  pok prog mcp
                     Jack O'Connell  org  pok prog mcp
                      Casper Scalzi  org  pok prog mcp
                   Joe St. Germaine  org  pok prog mcp
                  Kenneth V. Tooker  org  pok prog mcp
                            Jim Way  org  pok prog mcp
                    Larry Josephson  org  pok prog NPL simulator
            Bernard "Bernie" Lopez   org  pok prog NPL Simulator 
                       Frank Branin  org  pok prog Problem Oriented Programming
                      Tien Chi Chen  org  pok prog Problem Oriented Programming
                     Mavis (Wu) Chu  org  pok prog Problem Oriented Programming
                        Ray Polivka  org  pok prog Problem Oriented Programming
                Tzu-Siem "Tom" Shao  org  pok prog Problem Oriented Programming
                        Julian Suez  org  pok prog Problem Oriented Programming
                      Barbara Myers  org  pok prog Problem Oriented Programming; Simulator
                          Tom Apple  org  pok prog simulator
                         Dick Hatch  org  pok prog simulator
                       Leslie Lowry  org  pok prog simulator
                         Lim C. Yee  org  pok prog simulator
                      Trevor Barker  org  pok prog strap
                     Lucy Ann Berry  org  pok prog strap
                      Carol Garrity  org  pok prog strap
                        Gordon Kerr  org  pok prog strap
        Elizabeth "Betty" McDonough  org  pok prog strap
                 Sherman L. Prosser  org  pok prog strap
                  Phyllis Singleton  org  pok prog strap
                        Bob Webster  org  pok prog strap
                       Don Whitmore  org  pok prog strap
                      Harry Methven  org  pok prog writer
                   James E. Andrada  org  pok prog; also Dahlgren
                      Steve Dunwell  org  pok project manager
                     Seymour Keller  org  pok scientist
                        Bob Harding  org  pok technology
                        Jim Wornell  org  videographer
                        John Backus  org  yorktown
                        Peter Capek  org  yorktown
                         John Cocke  org  yorktown engr
                     J. M. Brownlow  org  yorktown engr ferrite core development
                     Marilyn Charap  org  yorktown prog
                     Walter Doherty  org  yorktown prog
                        Ron Staheli  org  yorktown prog
                    Peter Markstein  org  yorktown prog 
                    Robert H. Ramey  org  yorktown prog 

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