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This webpage is an on-going project. There are some bugs still to work out.

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The weather reports presented in this webpage are provided by NOAA in collaboration with the WMO
using data collected from around the world.

Many weather reporting stations are located at airports. For U.S. airports, FAA airport status information may be available.
A Wikipedia link may provide additional information on a reporting location; edit the search phrase if necessary.

The information accessed by this web page may not be accurate or timely for any particular use.


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Step 2: On the Locations tab, select a site from the "Locations" drop-down menu.

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  Click on the "Go to Location" button to load weather information and map for the location you have selected.

If you zoom in close enough (zoom level >=9) you will see markers for other sites near the one you selected.
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Click on the Weather tab to see weather information for the selected site.

Click on the Location tab to select a different site in the same country or state.

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Weather Channel Satellite Image, U.S.

  Cloud Temperature

Real-time Geostationary Satellite Images

Space Science and Engineering Center
  GOES West (Western US, Alaska)
  GOES East (Eastern US, Cuba, Gulf of Mexico)
  Met 8 (South Atlantic, Africa, Europe)
  Met 7 (Mid East, Indian Ocean, Eastern Africa)
  KALPANA (Indian Ocean)
  FY2C (Southern Asia, Indonesia, Oceania)
  MTSAT (Oceania, Western Pacific)

National Weather Service (NOAA)

  U.S. Storm Prediction Center

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

  Solar Corona


  Earthquakes of the Week

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