The present day neighborhood of Woodside, except for some parks, is has changed drastically since its creation and the times of the forties, fifties and sixties. Today every inch of space is utilized for people to live, and for stores. In this section you will see pictures of parks, churches, schools, and other institutions that every community contains in the present day.


Here we see four shots of Public School 11 located between 54th Street and 56th Street. The first shot is of one of the Skillman Avenue entrances which displays the school number and the second photograph is of the school name, which was one of the former principals. The third shot is from 56th Street showing the entrance into the school yard, which is now an extension building, and the fourth shot is from Skillman Avenue and 54th Street of the Extension building. The school was built in 1952 after the old one burned down, and before the old one burned down it used to be a Veterans Hospital. The Veterans Hospital stood there in 1916, and Doughboy Park, which is behind P.S. 11, was a memorial park dedicated to the soldiers of World War 1.

This school is actually not located in Woodside but 4 blocks below the line that ends Woodside. This is a Catholic school built in 1965, located on 44th Street and Skillman Avenue, that serves grades pre-k to eighth grade for Queen of Angels Church.

This is another Catholic school built in 1926 located on 58th Street and Woodside Avenue. This school serves grades Kindergarden through eighth.

Dedicated Streets

In Woodside there are many dedicated streets to celebrate politicians who made changes, in the community, and Veterans who served in the War from the neighborhood; below you will see some of these dedications.

This dedication is located on 58th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, for Msgr John T. Egan who was a Priest at St. Sebastians church, and is now deceased.

This is a dedication to the Vietnam Veterans of Woodside, located at 57th Street and Woodside Avenue. At this square there is also a memorial plaque placed in May of 1988.

This dedication was to Edward Fowley who was the head of the boy's brigade at St. Sebastions Church, and also owned a bar on Woodside Avenue. This dedication is located at 56th Street and Woodside Avenue.

This dedication is for Richard Trupkin, who is also deceased; he was a politician making a lot of changes and very active in the community of Woodside. This dedication is located on 56th Street and Skillman Avenue.

This dedication is for Lewis Mumford, also deceased, who was also a politician who involved in making changes in Woodside and was active in the community. This photo is located on 48th Street and Skillman avenue.

Rita Brady, also deceased, was an active community member also involved in politics and making changes in the community. This dedication is located on 61st Street and Roosevelt Avenue.


The Borough of Queens was made part of the city in 1898 and was mostly rural, made up of deep forest and farmland. So it is not surprising that even today Queens has many parks, triangles, and playgrounds. These are the parks located within the neighborhood of Woodside.

Windmuller Park got its name from the previous landowners, the Windmuller family. Before the park was built this was a huge forest with an estate in the middle. The owners were very wealthy people who at this time had a pack of dogs that ran on the property to keep people off the property. They later sold the land and the estate and the park that was erected on this very spot was named after them. This park now consists of a playground, a spot to sit and play checkers, a track, basketball court, and a pool. This park streches from 52nd Street to 54th Street and 39th Drive.

This is a view of Doughboy Park which was built in 1916 as a memorial for the Veterans Hospital that was right next to it, which is now P.S. 11. The park consists of a walkway leading down to the statue you see above and some benches, and is located on 54th Street between Woodside Avenue and 39th Drive.

This triangle, located across from P.S. 11 on Skillman between 55th and 56th Street, used to be a run down haven for drug dealers and users to hang out in and get high in. In the eighties, a man was found shot dead in his car. Now they have cleaned the park up and it is a nice place to sit, but not in peace since the above ground train sits right above you.

This playground is actually located in Windmuller Park, and it is named the Lawrence Virgilio playground after a firman, who lived in Woodside and died at the World Trade center on 9.11.01.

This is another dedication park to John Downing, located on 51st Street and 43rd Avenue.

This square is a dedication to World War 2 veteran John Vincent Daniels Jr., who lived Woodside.

This photograph is of the Veterans Memorial Park located between 51 and 50 Streets and Queens Blvd.


For many of the residents of Woodside Church is very important, below you will find the two Main churches that stand in Woodside.

These three photographs show Queen of Angels Church built in 1963. This Church is located four blocks outside the Woodside line, but a lot of the residents from Woodside started comming here once built. The third photo is a view from across the street on 44th Street and Skillman Avenue.

This is a photograph of St. Sebastians Church located on 58th Street and Roosevelt Avenue. This location used to house a movie house that closed down, which allowed St. Sebastians to be built in 1955. St. Sebastians school, as you might have noticed was built in 1926, so you may wonder how is it that the school existed before the church? Well, St. Sebastians used to be located on 57th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, and was a small, old wooden church.


These are some Photographs of other sites located in Woodside.

This is a view of the Woodside Post Office located on 61th Street and Roosevelt Avenue.

This is a mural located in the subway located on the 61st Street number 7 stop, on Roosevelt Avenue.

Above is a view of Calvary Cemetery that runs from 52nd Street to 60th Street, on Queens Boulevard. Calvary Cemetery holds almost 3 million graves, which makes it the largest cemetery in the nation. Calvary Cemetery was built in 1850, because of the ban in Manhattan on anymore cemeteries being built there. This is actually the 3rd section of Calvary that exists within Woodside, and because of its size it spills over into neighboring communities such as Sunnyside, Maspeth, and Haberman. In fact, it is so big that there are more people buried in it than there are living in the entire burough of Queens.

This is a view of the Woodside public library located between 54th and 55th Street on Skillman Avenue.

This is a shot of a movie being filmed in the 80's. In the photograph on the left you can see Jack Klugman, from the Odd Couple, and among this movie there were many other movies filmed in Woodside such as:
"King of Queens, The" (1998) TV Series
Changing Lanes (2002)
Flamingo Kid, The (1984)
Godfather, The (1972)
Henry Fool (1997)
Infamous (2003)
Maniac (1980)
Nighthawks (1981)
Queen of the Stardust Ballroom (1975) (TV)
Queens Logic (1991)
Return to Paradise (1998)
Turk 182! (1985)
(This info was acquired from The Internet Movie Database)