Woodside is a section of the Borough of Queens located in New York. Queens was made a part of New York City in 1898, but the community of Woodside existed long before that going back to the 1860's. During the 1700's this area was settled by European settlers just as Massachusetts did around this time, and the are was dense with snake infested swamps, and dense woods inhabited with wolves and other dangerous animals. In fact Woodside, before it was know as that, earned the name of "suicide's Paradise" (, because during this time many settlers were believed to have ended their lives here. After this in the 1860's the Community of Woodside was formed and the first developers, Benjamin W. Hitchcock and John Andrew Kelly, started moving in. John Kelly was part owner of the Independent Press of Williamsburg, and began writing a series of articles entitled "Articles from Woodside"; a name he achieved from Woodside"s Geographical makeup at the time and the name remained. After Kelly's death in 1869 his heirs began selling off their inherited property to developers, which was about 115 acres that were broken down and sold for one hundred to three hundred dollars per lot. This was the beginning of the influx of people into this Community and besides the very first road in Woodside, which was a Indian trail that ran towards Jackson Heights now none as Woodside Avenue (, and a railroad built in 1861 to connect Manhattan, other transportation was soon to follow. In 1895 the trolley lines were extended out to this area of Queens and a terminal was built for this, which is was eventually abandon with the demise of trolleys and is now the Clock Tower Shopping center with the original building preserved ( After this the Queensboro Bridge was opened in 1909, which allowed more people to migrate into this area, and the population in 1910 reached six thousand; which is quadruple what it was before the bridge ( Eventually the city of New York and other developers began building in the area to accommodate the people that were now moving into the area. One group of buildings, which is actually Woodside?s tallest buildings, is the Big Six Towers, which was opened in 1963. These building were erected to solve the problem of Woodside's low income tenement housing which use to exist on this spot and replace it with modern affordable housing ( Below you will see a photo of the Clock Tower Shopping Center, on the left, located at 51st Street and Northern Blvd., and Big Six Towers, on the right, located at 61st Street and 47th Avenue.