Click Here and you can view comparison pictures from the past and the present and see how many parts of this Historical Urban area have changed throughout the years. See how structures were added, taken away and made better. All these pictures range from the year 1944 to the present day, 2002. Some scenes show empty lots which have now been transformed into fully developed pieces of land. This link also shows, visually, how overcrowded this urban community has become.

Click Here and you can view pictures from the past through vintage photos of people and places of a time long passed: old war time photos, parades, streets, and residents in their community.

Click Here and see images from present day Woodside at its greatest, and how this big city town has grown, changed, and deteriorated with crime. View pictures of local schools and the expansions necessary to accomodate a fast growing community, mixed with Irish, Spanish, Indian, and Asian. Streets dedicated to people who made-accomplishments, changes, and people who are idealized by the community, are also shown here.

Click Here and get into the thoughts of the residents, their views on how their community has changed. See pictures of some of the residents and a brief story of what living in Woodside is like for them.

Click Here and feast your eyes on graffiti pieces done all throughout Woodside, commissioned and non-commissioned, and their locations.

Click Here and see the mix of cultures in this melting pot community. View how each of the four primary cultures Irish, Spanish, Indian and Asian, coincide in this community.