This site was created for a Senior Project at Purchase College, State University of New York. The purpose of the site is to give some perspective on the past and to compare the past to the present, in the community of Woodside, Queens, in New York. All color photos on this site were taken by the creator of this site Janel Lloyd; except the bottom two pictures in the present section, which were taken by Patricia, and the picture on the left in the ninth section of past vs. present. All Black and white photos were taken by the following residents: Thomas, Ann, Albert, Elizabeth, Thomas, and Patricia. Permission to use the pictures taken by persons other than Janel Lloyd was granted. All information was obtained from the residents listed above and the following sources: Office of the Queens Borough President Astoria historical society

Woodside, Queens County, New York : by Catherine Gregory. New York (52-21 Roosevelt Ave., Woodside 11377) : Woodside on the Move, c1994. (LH-98/99)

Woodside Community Board One 718.786.3335

The Graffiti Subculture, Nancy Macdonald. 2001, Palgrave Global Publishing.

The site was coded in html format using textedit, and the photographs were taken with a manual camera with 35 millimeter film. After the pictures were taken they were developed and scanned onto the computer. The pictures were scanned in at 200 dots per inch under true color, indexed mode, and then saved as a .gif file. While scanning the photos into the computer I was able to crop off undesirable pieces of the picture, such as cars, people, and light glare. From here the pictures had to be cleaned up, and compressed, to look presentable on a website medium, for this process Adobe PhotoShop was used. The pictures were changed from index to RGB color so that you can apply filters to the photograph, such as sharpening tools, and artistic tools, such as blurs, fills, and other touchups. After the pictures are changed to RGB, Sharpened, contrast levels are changed, and other touch ups are applied, the photograph is cropped again if needed. The last step of the process is to shrink the image size, this will also compress the file size to a reasonable amount, which is around 30 to 70 Kilobytes. Other pictures on this website were made from Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop